A step for Humanity

What is Terraforming

Terraforming is when you change the Temperature, Atmosphere and surface of a planet or area to suit humans needs. The idea is to design a planet or area simular to earths biosphere making life habitable on that planet or area.

The process

To terraform an environment you must have a atmosphere and the right temperature. then you must get water to have life, so they would have to bring water or melt the ice caps if there is any. An absolute requirement for life is an energy source thought hey would have to meet life's needs first.

Will it succeed

The research is intense but will it work. Maybe it will cost to much to or not enough resources will be available and are people going to have the right research to proceed with this great technology, so the question right now is that will it succeed?

With the proposal of terraforming will humans magage their resouces differently?

With Terraforming mars, the moon or Venus or any planet in our solar system on the world's radar humans may get anxious and manage their resources better.