Nicolas Burns

Auschwitz is a concentration camp for the Jews to stay,and work.Aushwitz is one of the biggest concentration camps that the Germans had.Aushwitz was three camps into one Aushwitz I is a concentration camp,Aushwitz II was an extermination camp, and Aushwitz III was a labor camp.

Many people were affected by the holocaust but mostly Jews.Over 5,860,000 Jews were merdered during the holocaust.Hitler did not like the jew.Hitler said that he wouldn't kill the Jews that has blond hair,and blue eyes.

This was located in Nazi Germany, Auschwitz in Poland. Many Jews were transported to Auschwitz from all over.Like Elie Wiesel moved from sighet to Auschwitz.

The Holocaust started in 1939 to 1941.In 1941 world war II broke out over the Holocaust.In 1939 the Germans started to transport Jews to concentration camps.

The Holocaust was started by Hitler.He wanted to rule the world so he started with the Jews.People listened to him because they were scared of him.
Hitler did this because he hated the Jews.He didn't kill Jews that had blond hair and blue eyes.Hitler put Jews into a camp to keep them there like Auschwitz.