30-60-90 Day Goal Setting

Time to revisit or create your Goals with Origami Owl

Let's get started and set some Goals for your New Business { Grab your Goal Sheet }

The wonderful thing about being an Independent Designer with O2 is that you are "Independent". Nobody tells you when you HAVE to book a Party or what to do. You get to create the ideal schedule for you and your family. AHHH...the freedom!

Now...Let's set some goals!

Focus on 90 day Goal Setting

You are always only 90 days away from the business that you want! The things you do

today will pay off in 90 days. Focus on your plan in 30 day increments to keep it simple.

90 days of faith, focus and follow through will move you to the next level. Let’s begin!

Today _______________________, my current career level is:__________________________

Currently I hold _______ Jewelry Bars a month + _______ Events (trade shows, booths, etc)

Currently I personally sell $___________(PV) + my team production is $_____________(PV)

Currently my team size is _________________ + I have a client base of __________________

I currently earn $_______________________ per month through sales and commissions

*Use our NEW Application: The CAREER COACH and see what you need to do to make your Goals every month

The KEY to SUCCESS is building a TEAM!

If you want your Origami Owl Business to SOAR think about building your down line (team). Not only are you able to receive commission on their sales but you are gaining roles in Leadership and Friendship! I promise you that if you concentrate on the friendships you will gain, training your 1st Line with the same Goals you have, they will be lifelong friends and successful Independent Designers building their OWN Teams!