Rome vs U.S

Laws and Justice

Rome- citizenship belongs to all white, law-aiding people

U.S- Almost any one can be a American citizen


Rome- Citizenship belongs to any free white skinned people

U.S- Citizenship can belong to black and white

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Male and Female

Rome- Male enjoy all the rights, women had limted rights- no voting or govenment offices

U.S- Men and Women have the same rights

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Rome- People can go to court to be proven gulity or inocent

U.S- People go to court to be proven gulity or inocent

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Punishment for crime

Rome- Fit the crime committed

- Fines - pay money

- Beating

- Banishment - have to leave Rome

- Slavery

- Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide - killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river Slaves were beaten, harder work, or often crucified.

U.S- Jail or exucation

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