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September 2022

Mr Taylor - Lead Stingray

Overall our first weeks back to school started off great. Students had opportunities to share their summer adventures, begin the process of learning their schedules and expectations, and learned what it means to be a "Stingray". Our 7th and 8th grade students supported our new 6th graders by modeling effective behaviors during transitions. Our 6th graders demonstrated a willingness to grow and learn from day 1.

Our arrival and dismissal are improving everyday. Please remind your child to arrive at their bus stop with time to spare and listen to their bus to be called in the afternoon. At the parent drop off/ pick up area, please remind your child to be ready to unload and load as soon as your car stops along the sidewalk. Then move to the left lane to exit (except 1st car in the line)

September brings many opportunities outlined below. We are participating in the SDIRC District wide Attendance Competition and expect to take the trophy each time. We will be kicking off our PBIS Rewards program as well as Tuesday afterschool programming. We have our Open House scheduled for September 14th with some exciting activities planned for both you and your child.

I look forward to building relationships with all of our Stingrays, including you as well. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Parent Acknowledgement Forms

If you have not completed your Parent Acknowledgement Forms on your Focus Parent Portal, please do so as soon as possible. These forms are used for media, medical, library, and Guidance permission regarding your student.

Academic Check-In

The first quarter ends October 10th. Please hand in any missing work and ensure you have passing grades in all subject areas. If you are in need of extra help, please reach out to your teachers. We want all our stingrays to be on track academically. Please remember, the Student Progression Plan has changed for this school year. Quarter grades of a D and an F now calculate to an F for the semester. Students are encouraged to maintain a C or higher in all classes to ensure they are on track for successful completion of classes and grade promotion.

Students must pass Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies each year in grades 6, 7, and 8 to be promoted to high school.

Course Recovery

If you have previously failed one or more semesters of a core academic course, you need to complete Course Recovery through Edgenuity. All classes must be completed and passed with a 70% or higher for promotion to high school. Edgenuity is found on ClassLink and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Please see Guidance if you have any questions.
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Applications for NJHS will be sent out in September for any 7th or 8th grade student that has a GPA over 3.5.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 8th Jersey Day ($1 donation to recognize PTSA)

Tuesday, September 13th Afterschool Programs Begin (3pm-4:30pm)

Wednesday, September 14th Open House (4:15pm-7pm)

Monday, September 19 Casual for a Cause (Benefits Hope for Families)

Wednesday, September 20th College Game Day Jersey School (Free)

Advisory Council (SAC) (3:15pm-4:15pm Media Center)

Friday, September 23rd 8th grade Band Night (4pm-8:30pm VBHS PAC)

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September 14th 4:15-7:00 pm

Brand new concept for OPEN HOUSE

4:15-5:15 STEAM Event and Dinner Available

Hot, fresh dinner will be available from BARSIDE GRILL at a reasonable price.

Menu items will include burgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks.

Dessert is available from KONA ICE and will be here for the entire event!

5:15-7:00 Parents will follow student's schedule for valuable information in each period.

Students can participate in our 1st afterschool "Social" Event

PARENTS during Open House

While following your child's schedule you will learn about class specific information as well as:

1st period: Attendance

2nd period: Dress Code

3rd period: Lunchroom Expectations/rules

4th period: Available transportation

5th period: Focus Grades

6th period: Tuesday afterschool activities

7th period: Focus Forms

STUDENTS during Open House

After STEAM event:

Stop by the Kona Ice truck and buy your dessert!

Café will host DJ with "snacks"

Gym will be available after the volleyball game

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 13th Afterschool Programs Begin (3pm-4:30pm)

Wednesday, September 14th Open House (4:15pm-7pm)

Monday, September 19th Casual for a Cause (Benefits Hope for Families)

Wednesday, September 20th School Advisory Council (SAC) (3:15pm-4:15pm Media Center)

Friday, September 23rd 8th grade Band Night (4pm-8:30pm VBHS PAC)

Tuesday, October 4th Picture Retake Day

Friday, October 7th SRHS 8th Grade Band Night

Saturday, October 8th, Crown Jewel 8th Grade Band Performance

Monday, October 17th Casual for a Cause ($1 dress down for Youth Sailing Foundation)

Tuesday, October 18th SAC Meeting

Updated Volleyball Schedule

2022 SGMS Cross Country Schedule

Day Date Time Location

Thursday 9/22 4:30 Imagine

Tuesday 9/27 4:30 SGMS

Saturday 10/8 9:00 Sebastian River HS

Tuesday 10/11 4:30 Sebastian River HS

**Wednesday 10/19 4:30 **

**District Final**

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SGMS Math Moves by your Children😊

6th Grade:

During September your 6th Grade Stingray Mathematicians will start to learn about Integers and Rational numbers. They will compare, order, and use all operations with these numbers throughout the month of September! Vocabulary you can discuss at home includes: Integer, Whole Number, Negative Integer, Positive Integer, Rational Number, Absolute Value

7th Grade:

This month 7th Grade mathematicians will be calculating Tax, Tips and Markups, Rate of Change, Discounts, Interest, Commission and Fees. Lots of fun real-world activities in class and a great opportunity for some family engagement when shopping😊. Include your child in some of the everyday decision making by letting them help you decide tip at dinner out, figure out the tax on an item bought, how much commission you make at your job, what is the dollar amount of the discount on an item bought that is on sale, etc.

7thAcc and 8th Grade:

Your Pre-Algebra mathematicians will be diving into the world of the Real Number system. They will be learning what the “root” of a number is and solving equations with these roots. They will then move on to Solving Two Step Equations and using this process to solve real world problems.

Algebra Honors:

Algebra 1 mathematicians will start exploring the world of “Functions” during September. This will include linearity, continuity, intercepts, and shapes of graphs. They will then begin graphing and identifying the rate of change of the graphs, known also as the “slope”. The month ends with the “Slope Intercept Form” of an equation and identifying transformations of linear functions and their equations. Very important foundational knowledge for Algebra.

Geometry Honors:

Your Geometry Stingray mathematicians finish up with there study of angle relationships early in the month of September. Next up are two and three-dimensional figures and transformations in the plane. These students will then begin using their knowledge of prior geometry to use conjectures and counterexamples, statements, conditionals and biconditionals and deductive reasoning to begin writing proofs. I know that was a mouthful but……so much fun!

****SGMS Math Team is proud to let you know that we are implementing the researched based strategy of “Building Thinking Classrooms” by Dr. Peter Liljedahl within some model classrooms and most by the second semester. This strategy promotes vertical learning, student thinking and strategic facilitation on the teacher’s part for challenging the student and most importantly ENGAGING THE STUDENT!

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Community Sponsors for PBIS

Thank you to our Community Sponsors for supporting our PBIS Rewards program. Each of the companies below have donated gift certificates or reward items for our students. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact
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Quick and Easy Safety Tip Submission

By accessing FortifyFL, students can provide a description of the threat, share pics and videos and optionally submit their contact information.

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