By: Emma VanCleve

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport made by the Greeks. In gymnastics, you compete against other gymnasts for medals. In women's gymnastics, there are four different events: the vault, asymmetric bars, beam, and floor exercise. In men's gymnastics, there are five events: the vault, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. While doing gymnastics you must always think positively. If you think negatively, you might get hurt. Gymnastics is a good physical exercise for the body.

Why is gymnastics interesting to me?

One interesting fact about gymnastics is that all athletes used to exercise naked. That is where the word "gymnastics", which derives from the word gymnos, meaning naked in Greek. Another interesting fact is that in the 1954 Olympic games events for men and women had been changed to modern format. The last fact is that Mary Lou Retton was the first U.S. women to get two perfect scores.
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