The Bethune Bulletin

"To Engage, Inspire and Educate..."

Week of October 12-16, 2015

Core Beliefs

· Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

· Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance.

· There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

· With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students.

· Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Words from Ms. Hernandez

Thank you teachers for a very informative and enlightening week of data talks. A special shout out to Ms. Jones, Ms. Munoz and Ms. Saldivar for coming extremely well prepared and with very detailed student data and support. Kudos ladies! Overall, the data shows we are headed in the right direction and with the appropriate student support we are well on our way to being an exemplary school. As we dive into the second six weeks and now that you have identified student strengths and needs, small group instruction is going to be critical to reach the goals established during data talks. As Mr. Contreras and I continue our spots we will be looking for evidence of small groups. On Wednesday, we will have our first round of learning walks during PLCs. I look forward to seeing everyone's best lesson as we identify the campus strengths and areas for continuous growth. Continue to lead strong and teach everyday with a sense of urgency as we all know time is of essence.

Week at a Glance

Monday, October 12

Tuesday, October 13

Principal for a Day- Please welcome Ms. Bethune

ARD @ 9:30 am (Espinosa/Marek-4th)

ARD @ 10:30 am (Kipple-3rd)

ARD @ 2:00 pm (Arambula-2nd)

Wednesday, October 14

Learning Walks during PLCs

Thursday, October 15

Parent Conference (4:00-7:30 pm)

Friday, October 16

Resources for You!

Connecting Students to Standards: Six Questions for Educators


Attendance on Gradespeed before 9:00 a.m.

Lesson Plans due Friday by 8:00 a.m. to CICs

Grades updated on Gradespeed weekly

Please be prompt with picking up and dropping off students before and after lunches.

Upcoming Events

Compliance Videos due Oct. 15th

BOC Meeting moved to Oct. 19th @ 3:15 p.m.

Professional Development Day -Oct. 19th

Fall Carnival and Academic Night-Oct. 23rd

Character Counts Week Oct. 19-23

Red Ribbon Week Oct. 26-30