12 genres

Science fiction

Science fiction is a imaginative genre such as space, technology, time travel, and etc. It also can be like The Hunger Game, Divergent and those types of books. It is oftenly used with researching literacy themes.


Romance is genre where usually there is love between two protagonists or people. It can also be like love at first sight, love triangles, and sacrificial love.


Adventure is a genre where you go on Mission. Very exciting with danger that usually takes the plot.


Thriller is a genre that uses tension, suspense,and excitement as the main elements of a horror/thriller story. It can also be involved with some mystery. This genre keeps the reader in excitement or suspense hooking them to the book. It usually has a villain-driven plot. The book is usually set on a problem that is solved in mystery, suspense, excitement, and tension. The purpose of a thriller is for the reader to be deeply involved in the story and to be trying to solve the problem in their head as the story keeps going on.



Mystery is a genre of fiction. It usually is focused on a investigation. A mystery story is usually involved with a detective or investigator trying to find out and solve the problem/crime scene/investigation. It can involve a thriller or supernatural type mystery. The purpose of the story is to engage the reader in a mind puzzel, to try to solve what is going on in the book.


Fantasy is a fiction genre that can include wizards, dragons, magic, and etc. It isn't a real story.

Historical fiction

Events or stories that could have happened in the past.


Realistic Fiction



Autobiography is a story about themselves written by that person.