Español 1


Week 3

We have finished the first Module of study! That means that you are 1/8 of the way through the course! That's exciting.

This week we will start Module 2. It's all about "School." You are going to learn so many about conversation sustainers during this chapter.

This is going to be a great week! Please let me know how I can help you as you continue learning brain honey and the Spanish content.

This week's Assignments:

We are working in Module 2 this week. By Friday you should have completed through Module 2.04 (please view daily calendar in Brainhoney for more specific due dates).

Progress Reports

Friday, Feb. 6th, 12am

This is an online event.

I will be sending out Progress Reports on or before February 6th. At this time any late assignments will turn into "0s" so that you can see your actual grade. Make sure that you continue to work on pace.

Tutorial and Resources

01025 Spanish Lesson - nouns, definite articles & class vocab
Gustar with Nouns

Señora Velazquez

Please keep good communication with me. I am very excited to be your teacher this semester!