Week of October 7, 2019

Random Acts of Kindness

Our 2nd six weeks theme is Acts of kindness (bully prevention). As we promote this amongst our students we would also like to do this amongst our staff. To do so, a bulletin board has been created in the front office (near the staff shout-out board) with random acts of kindness suggestions. We ask that you do so with the following steps:

1. Take an act from the board

2. Do the act

3. Capture the act in photo or video and post it to a social media outlet with the hashtag #tribeoverme

*Prizes will be awarded along the way, so let's be kind to one another, as well as take an opportunity to WIN!

Everyone with district provided MacBook MUST participate so get a team together and sign up!

Goose Chase Team Names/Members

Please add your team name and members

Tribal Treasures

Tribal Treasures is selling Greeting Cards at SHS. Located in the front office, this box is stocked with new styles including Birthday, Get Well, Baby Shower, Thank You, etc. These cards are all sold for $1.50 per card on an honor basis.


Watch This Video Then Show It To Your Students On Monday During Tribe Time!

Be Someone’s Hero

Please review the blood drive event with students during Tribe Time on Mondays!

Nuts & Bolts

Grades - Grade MUST be updated by Thursday of each week. Students will be regaining eligibility on Friday...KEEP GRADES UP-TO-DATE.

School Status - 2nd Request - Within SchoolStatus mark a primary contact for each student in your 3rd-period class. All you need to do is highlight one of the stars under the parent or guardian's name. It would also be most effective if you cross-checked the information with Gradebook to make sure the contact information is accurate.

Completing this task will open a whole new line of communication with ALL parents in a single email.

Indian Walks - October 21st

We learned a lot during our first Indian Walks and as I've learned, you always find ways to improve after the first time. Some things we noted that will improve the process are:

  1. Make a title page showing the Standard so we can determine relevance.
  2. Make sure all writing samples are relevant to the Standard.
  3. Display samples at or right below eye level for easier reading.
Big picture

Upcoming Events

October 7

  • CTE/Elective Department Meeting @ 7:45am
  • Flu Shots for Employees from 7:45-8:45am
  • Tribe Time - Show Video, "Be Someone's Hero" & Discuss Blood Drive Event
October 8
  • Math/Science Department Meeting @ 7:45am
  • Volleyball vs Melissa @ SHS, 5:00pm

October 9

  • English/SS Department Meeting @ 7:45am

October 10

  • Jostens Letter Jacket Sizing During Lunches

October 11

  • End of Three-Week Progress
  • Senior Pictures - Last Event
  • Volleyball vs Celina @ SHS 4:30pm

October 12

  • TSI Testing @ SHS


"Most great teachers didn’t start out that way. They learned; they adapted; they grew. They didn’t run from new ideas, and they were never comfortable with mediocrity. Every teacher has the potential to be a better teacher." ~@SteeleThoughts

It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

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