Sarah Weeks

A creative writer

About the Author

"There are some things in life that a person can't know." - Sarah Weeks

On March 18, 1955 in Ann Arbor, Michigan Sarah Weeks was born. Her Mother devoted herself to being a stay at home Mom while her Father was a professor at University of Michigan. Sarah Weeks grew up in a happy middle class family with two siblings; a sister and a brother. Interested in studying Music and Composition, she attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Continuing her passion for music, she pursued a Masters degree at NYU. Sarah later on became a singer songwriter, got married, and had two sons named, Gab and Nathan.

Sarah Weeks wrote songs and would sing them to her husband. One day, a random man suggested not only should she write songs but books as well. After much thought, Sarah Weeks' writing career began and her first book , Regular Guy, was published on May 31, 2000. She has continued writing and currently has published over 50 books. Her goal is to publish more than 75 books in her lifetime. Sarah's book, Pie, will win the Nutmeg Award next year, 2016. In addition to the Nutmeg Award, Sarah's books have won many other awards.

While Sarah Weeks isn't writing she is most likely to be found baking, watching her sons baseball games or cleaning. These outlets help to clear her mind and enhances her ability to write. For example, Sarah wrote a book called, Pie, which is about a famous baker who is known for her award winning pies. This example shows that Sarah's activities help inspire great book ideas.

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List of Sarah Weeks's Works

For this project I read:

So B it

Jumping the Scratch



Common Themes in Sarah Weeks's Works

Sarah Weeks writes book about how each main character travels either across the world or to her neighbor's backyard to find their goal. She either describes them as greedy or determined. In the book, So B. It, Heidi travels all the way to New York to find out where her mother used to live. I believe that Sarah Weeks makes her characters very determined to find the goal and accomplish it.

Sarah Weeks's Author Style

Sarah Weeks writes books that are a very easy read. She has very unique writing even if she writes very simply.

  • She has the same amount of words on each page

  • Sarah Weeks always keep with the same beginning of each sentence

  • She is very consistent in her paragraph lengths

  • Sarah always keeps the same character theme

  • She has many simple sentences and not that many complex sentences
  • She doesn't use much FANBOYS or AAAWWUBBIS

On a random page of Sarah Weeks Book:

  • Her sentences vary from 9- 31 words per sentence
  • Her average sentence length is 16 sentences
  • 31% of her sentences are simple sentences
  • 44% of her sentences are compound sentences
  • 25% of her sentences are complex sentences