The Phoneix Rising

A life empowerment luxurious retreat on the island of Maui

Create the vision for your dream life & RISE to your highest potential!

This unique retreat is designed to create empowerment & transformation in your life! Founder of Aloha Dreamboard and dream coach, Tiare Thomas will collaborate with founder & formulator of ZENZIVA, Andrea Berset to create a luxury self-discovery experience.

~Explore “The Art of Dreamboarding” techniques with guided meditation, visualization & intention setting exercises that enhance your focus on your dreams.

~Indulge in ZENZIVA’s locally made & organic skin food to cleanse your mind, body & spirit in mother nature with a sea side beauty ritual.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Aloha Dreamboard / ZENZIVA retreat. It was a gift I gave myself for a day of delicious contemplation and dreaming of my path ahead. Tiare had such a gentle, graceful style in guiding us first through meditation then through a series of deep introspective questions. Then we let our intuition guide us as we perused magazines and pulled images and phrases that aligned with the answers to our questions. I loved the serendipity of it all – and the sense of excitement as my vision came into focus in that collage of images on my Aloha Dreamboard, which now hangs on my wall at home where I can check in with it daily. To top off the retreat, Andrea's ZENZIVA chocolate scrub ritual is divine -- it helps you release old thoughts as you polish your body on the seashore and luxuriate in the rich oils of this organic "skin food." Tiare and Andrea are two beautiful Soul Sisters who shine their light brightly as co-hosts of this retreat. You'll leave rejuvenated inside and out -- and ready to go after your dreams!"

– Joy Wynne Galatro, creator of @TrustingSignsFindingJoy book and workshops

The Aloha dream board workshop was fantastic! It was nothing like what I had thought it would be. The approach that Tiare takes in unlocking her clients dreams and true desires is what I found to be so unique and refreshing. It made the actual work of cutting and fitting my pictures onto my board feel so guided and INSPIRED. She unlocked aspects of myself that I feel would have taken me much longer to do on my own. The workshop I attended was a couple months ago and I have already been able to manifest and attain dreams of mine! It was through first identifying what my dreams and goals actually are, and then creating a clear visual that I LOVE to look at every day, THAT is what has allowed me to obtain them so much more effortlessly! I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone!

~ Hoku Bayly, Maui, HI

Saturday & Sunday March 5-6th at private beach front Maui location in Wailuku

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Treat yourself to this life-changing experience!

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed about what to do with your life? Do you wish to organize your thoughts and re-focus? Are you seeking a more purposeful, more balanced life? Or are you simply looking to enhance your already awesome life?

You have the power within you to create the life you dream to live - with intention. Sometimes all we need is an opportunity for some quiet time and a little inner and outer guidance to refresh and create our vision for the next chapter in our life.