The High School Handbook

A Gender-Nuetral Survival Guide

Rule #1 WARNING: Due Dates are Closer Than They Appear

What ever you do, don't procrastinate if you value your life. Your teacher will fail you, and if that doesn't kill you, your parents will finish the job.

Rule #2 Don't Get Crazy

Upperclassmen don't really like energetic, talkative freshmen. Yes, you can be excited, but don't get too carried away. Keep your cool, and they will be a little less hostile towards you.

Rule #3 Avoid the Lunchroom

The line is long, the food is terrible, not to mention the painstaking long walk to Baker. Especially during the really extreme seasons of winter and towards summer.

Rule #4 Beware the Parking Lot

Two words: crazy drivers. High school students aren't the most careful drivers in the world. Just watch where you're walking.

Rule #5 Teachers do have favorites: be one of them

This is one of those rules that remains the same from elementary school to college. They may firmly state that they don't prefer some students over others, but come on, of course they do!

Rule #5 Choose Advisory carefully

This is the only 'period' which you can choose the teacher. Decide this factoring in on the people in the class, the proximity to both the prior class and the one following, and finally, whether or not the teacher is an avid keeper of tardies.

rule #6 Berry may warn, but Bryant is the Punisher

Lets get real for a second, we personally believe that the only reason the Bryant was hired in the first place was for all of the tasks that Berry deemed undesirable.

rule #7 extra credit is the holy grail

The quest is hard but the victory is great. Some teachers give free one hundreds for extra credit while others give you much needed bonus points on a quiz or test. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF EXTRA CREDIT!

Rule #8 dating is overrated

Yes the cute boy/girl in front of you is tempting, but honestly, dating as a freshman in high school causes more stress than anything, not to mention a distraction from school work.

Rule #9 Join a club, sport or organization

Sometimes it's hard to meet other people and get out of your comfort-zone. Joining a club or organization will give you a little boost of self-esteem, and give you much needed life skills.

rule #10 high school is not rocket science

High school is really not much different than middle school. There is just more freedom to connect to upper classmen, where to eat, and what sport or club to join. Maturity and drama are more advanced, but other than that, don't sweat it.