Fisher School Fun

By: Anna and Sean

Our 3rd year at the Fisher School

Our First Day at the Fisher School

When we went to school for the 3rd year our teacher was different. His name was Mr.Froggy. Mr. Froggy bought new equipment such as more blackboards, new inkwells and quill pens. It turned out that we had 6 more students than last year because 2 students moved. Our first day in 3rd grade 2 people wore the dunce cap because Billy dunked Haley’s piggy tales into ink, and Lisa

smushed kieran’s donut. We were lucky to take a walk around the area across the street to the cemetery. I saw flowers that I planted the day before. The Colburn family was one of the first families in West Dedham. I can’t believe that we have been at school for three years!