Recent Updates


Over the last eight months, Fidelis has introduced significant feature upgrades to ProcessorLink to enhance your company’s ability to communicate information to your partners, agents and customers and to optimize your workflow within the application. Most recently, Fidelis has focused on the following areas of ProcessorLink

  • Delivery Order
  • Product Catalog Report
  • Billback Maintenance

Delivery Order

Delivery Order Enhancements

With the addition of an indexed optimized search for school districts, you can now quickly identify those trucks in which the selected school district has been allocated pounds.

Entering a date has never been easier now that you can select a logical date (e.g. Last Month) instead of entering a date range. Of course, you can enter any custom date range by selecting the option Custom.

Identifying those trucks that have not yet been fully allocated is as simple as checking the Display Sales Orders not fully allocated checkbox.

The List view now includes three new columns:

  • Order Pounds (total pounds on the truck)
  • Order Pounds Allocated
  • Receipt Pounds Allocated

These three columns along with the Receipt Pounds (total physical pounds receipted) are subtotaled at the bottom of the list view.

Finally, entering school district allocations on the detail page is now easier as you can

  • select a cooperative or a market group in the widget
  • limit only those school districts that currently have a pre-existing bank
  • refresh the page with the desired school districts only when you click the Go button

Product Catalog Report

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Product Catalog Report Enhancements

The Product Catalog Report received more than collagen injections for this new school year. After completing an overhaul of the Product Catalog Setup module, the Product Catalog Report now displays

  • each commodity input value per case at two decimal places
  • substitutable commodities and their corresponding pounds and values
  • optionally a Fee for Service price per case and the NOI Discount from the Commercial Bid Price if they are activated by the manufacturer
  • more granular bill types (e.g. Fee for Service through Distributor) than the previous "Sales through Distributor"

Users can now save the Report to Excel so that they information can be viewed offline.


Billback Enhancements

  • Filter out those Billback reports on the list view that have zero discounts reported by the distributor to cut out the "noise."
  • In addition to the Donated Food value, track the NOI Discount from the Commercial Bid Price per sales transaction and on the Billback by subscribing to this new premium service. Call to learn more.
  • If you have more than one material, the Billback detail screen has a summary section displaying both the total pounds and total value recorded by USDA material.
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  • Billback Setup is now located off of the Search screen for ProcessorAdmin users
  • The setup portion of the module is for the configuration of a Billback Schedule, Billback Type (issue Check or authorize Deduction) and the Days to generate the report for each distributor
  • Now you can specify the number of days that ProcessorLink waits after the end date of a particular Billback Reporting period before it generates the corresponding report.
  • If you click Edit, you can specify commodities to be excluded from all Billback Reports with the selected distributor

Other changes...

  • When creating a bank via the Processor Customer Maintenance module, ProcessorLink no longer requires that you specify the Sales Channel
  • The application now suppresses zeros on both the Total Orders by Destination and Total Orders by Customer reports
  • The Total Orders by Destination report is now viewable in Finished Case Net Wt
  • The Donated Food Transaction Report has a special export feature for the state of Pennsylvania's top expert, Nancy Derr

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