Animal Abuse

By: Kelvin Hernandez

General Problem

I picked this problem because over 250,000 americans abuse animals and treating them wrong and we should take that number to 0. Alot of animals shouldn't be hurt or get attacked by their angry owners and also zoos that hit or never feed their animals.

The community I focus on

The community I focus on is a community where they don't really like the animals there and I'd like to help them get a better understanding for animals because I like animals and I think their cute.

Interviews and interesting things I found.

When I asked questions to people I obviously thought that everyone would be against it and everyone would just love it like how I do, but some people were looking at it the other way and were thinking about if scientist were working on the animals and they hurt them for science and I do know how that works but I'm not talking about that,I am talking about how animals get abused for no reason at all or just because they don't listen. Moving on, my best question and the one that I liked the most and its very straight forward, I said "Why do you think animals get mistreated?" My friend Ian answered , "Because they behave badly.", I don't really agree with that because when you tell an animal to do something you have to teach them to do it like how you do with a human not just hit them and hope they listen next time. Anyways lets move on to the next answer,My friend Jalee said "They shouldnt be mistreated but if they really are bad maybe they should be taught how to be a nicer pet." I agree with Jalee because there isnt such thing as a bad pet but there is a bad owner and we dont need that. This one is too long so Im gonna make another one.

Interviews and interesting things I found 2nd part.

So as you know I did the other interview and I seen alot of mixed results like somepeople say yes and some say no. But this one question was pretty mixed it was "If the police found out about the zoo abusing animals should they get shut down?" It was basiclly half and half, I would say yes but some would say no because they should just fire the workers that abuse the animals which is a fair point but what if the whole zoo is abusing them, should they just take everyone and have new people that would be way too many people they have to survey to see if they qualify as a good person. It would be crazy and so many people would be there.

Solutions and Problems

A good solution with the problem is to join a animal adoption shelter so you give animals to trust worthy people, but first you need to qualify for the volunteer work so they know youre a good person and you like animals. I like to know that my community cares about animals like how I do. One problem could be that someone could probably like animals more than me which is totally fine because if they are better than that means the animals are better without me. Together we can make an impact to be safe with animals and treat them with care.

3 websites and 3 neat things about them ( this website focuses mainly on how to treat animal cruelty)

1.Never try to attack a person hurting an animal or they can get physical on you.

2.Get another person to help.

3. Or call 911 for help aswell so they can take the person away mistreating the animal. (this website mainly focuses on what animal abuse basiclly is)

1. Animal abuse is a serious thing and should never happen in real life.

2.Theyre owners should never get angry and just hit them because that is just rude to them

3.Neglecting an animal is also a serious thing and a stupid thing because why are you gonna adopt an animal if your just gonna hurt it, dont be sociopath. (this website is basiclly saying why animal abuse is happening)

1. No animal deserves to be hit or never to be fed.

2. There is no such thing as a bad pet but there are bad owners and the owners could be really mean.

3.No matter what the animal does they should never deserve to never be fed or hit.


I love animals and I think they should never get abused at all. I want to show my apreciation for them and this is kinda the reason why I chose this topic, because its a serious thing in the world and we need to end this.