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Congratulations on beginning your journey to a healthier you!

No matter what reason you have for committing to this program for these next 30 days, one thing we can promise is that you will see and feel positive changes. If you're ready to follow along with us and give it your all, we have the right principles, products and support in place for you to be successful.

First things first, be sure that your Coach has added you to our Healthy Living Facebook page (your Coach is the person that introduced you to this program). Make it a habit to check this coaching page daily for information, inspiration, recipes, shopping lists, and more!

Check Out the Files and Photos Tabs at the top of our Facebook page for even more info, including Lots of Fantastic Recipes. If you have a question, try using the Search Bar at the top right on the Facebook page to type in a word. Many questions have threads already started that might have your answer. If you don't see your question addressed already, post to the page. That's what it's there for! We love when you share your successes and struggles there, and there's a whole team of coaches ready to answer your questions.

Getting Started

Ready or Not, Here We Go!

One of the things we love about this program is that we LEARN AS WE GO! So, you don't have to know everything on Day 1! "Progress not perfection". Allow yourself to be a "Healthy Living student" and here are a few tips & reminders to start your first week strong.

  1. Have you already ordered your Arbonne nutrition support products? You'll want those on hand by Day 1, or as soon as possible. Products usually take 3 or 5 business days to arrive. Your Coach will help you with your order and ensure to get the best discount possible.
  2. Set Goals ~ Goals are so important, and writing them down is even better. Most people will incorporate a weight goal, and that's ok. However, we also encourage you to think beyond the scale. Think about all the other ways you want to experience improvements to your health. And, when it comes to weight goals and monitoring those changes, capture your starting weight on Day 1 (or the day before) and then commit to checking your weight ONLY ONCE A WEEK (same day/time) throughout the program. Also, take some measurements ~ stomach at your belly button, hips, thighs, arms. Then, take comparison measurements on day 31. How your pants fit, and how you FEEL, 30 days from now is a better indicator of your progress and health than the numbers on the scale.
  3. Take a few "before" photos of yourself. These don't have to be for anyone to see but yourself! You can decide later if you want to share them with your Coach.
  4. Do a sweep of your pantry and refrigerator. Remove your greatest temptations. If you think the cookies and chips are going to be calling you from the cupboard, or the cheese and bread from the fridge, throw or give them away now. (This goes for coffee, wine, bread, cheese ... you get the idea). You need to make room and prioritize placement of your healthy, program-friendly, FUELING foods these next 4 weeks.
  5. Call Your Coach ~ He/She is here for questions, encouragement, and guidance.
  6. Listen to the Recorded Call for Week #1 and Read the Coaching Posts from the Prep Week (search COACHING POSTS ~ Prep Week). Know the foods we are eliminating and what we are keeping in, how to make a meal replacement shake, how to create a balanced meal, and what times to eat. (Check the materials in the Google Folder below for details).
  7. Familiarize yourself with your Arbonne Nutrition Support. Know when to use it each day. NOTE: If you have the 7 Day Cleanse, put that on the shelf for now. You will not use that right away. Talk to your Coach about when to introduce that, and watch for a Coaching Post with more details. (NOTE: We do not use the Body Cleanse until Day 5).
    Here's a video to help you sort through your new products: Marking your Products
  8. Take it one-day-at-a-time....progress not perfection....and remember this program is 30 Days for a reason. Stay the course and know YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Check out the Program Materials in the Google Folder

To Download the Documents that you will need, Click on this Google Folder

It contains important information like a quick reference "Cheat Sheet", protein shake recipes and 'how-to' guide, meal recipes, shopping lists, etc.

We recommend that you SAVE all documents on your computer or device for quick reference, and print out the documents you think you will want to reference more frequently (like the Healthy Living Cheat Sheet...this should be posted in your kitchen, office or anywhere you do meal planning or spend a lot of time).

Recorded Coaching Calls

Dial-in: 515-739-1023 Code: 268942# OR Click on the links for each call.
Program Intro ~ Ref Code 312: The 30 Day Program
Week #1 ~ Ref Code 331: Getting Started!
Week #2 ~ Ref Code 332: Keep Going!
Week #3 ~ Ref Code 333: Enhanced Results!
Week #4 ~ Ref Code 334: Almost There!
Week #5 ~ Ref Code 320: Now What?

Getting to Know Your Arbonne Nutrition Support Products

Arbonne: 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Tutorial (US)
The Easy Buttons - Why The Products? with Sarah McGuire

Eliminating Toxins and the Highest Allergens

Eliminating Allergenic and Toxic Ingredients with Tasha Warby

When Others Ask You About the 30 Day Program...

The best document to send to your friends when they ask you about the program is What is Healthy Living? In addition, we have a 15 minute recording that will help them to understand the program better. Healthy Living Info Call

Please do not send people the Cheat Sheet or other specifics about the program before they have their products. We wouldn't want people to use other products that might not have the same effects that ours do.

When you have Friends to add to our Community ~ Make sure that they have their Arbonne products ordered first and are connected with their Coach! Then feel free to add them in the ADD MEMBERS box before welcoming them in a COMMENT to this Pinned Post so that they can find all the info.

Let's Begin!

And...HERE YOU GO! You're already on your way to becoming THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! We can't wait to hear from you, celebrate your wins, support you during struggles and give you a great big virtual HIGH FIVE on Day 31!

Share your successes and challenge, meal inspiration and recipes, questions and other photos on our community Facebook page. You'll be on this journey with hundreds of other people from all corners of the country.

We look forward to Getting Healthy & Staying Healthy with you over the next 30 Days


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