Williams Syndrome

By: Aiden Sanders

Summary of Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a genetic condition that is present at birth. This syndrome can be helpful and not helpful at times. This condition has no medicine you can take and there is no way to cure it.

Physical Changes with Williams Syndrome

WIlliams Syndrome changes peoples physical features as well with mental. Most people with Williams Syndrome have an upturned nose, long upper lip length, wide mouth, full lips, small chin, small widely spaced teeth, visible eye lids, and a small chin.

Why People have Williams Syndrome and Treatments they take

The genetic condition Williams Syndrome cannot be prevented and the reason people have Williams Syndrome is because the deletion of part of chromosome 7. People with Williams Syndrome need regular monitoring for potential medical problems.

What Type of Tests preformed to tell if you have Wiliams Syndrome.

To tell if you have Williams Syndrome you can take a blood test. Also you can take the FISH (Fluorescent in sity hybridization) test which is a type of chromosome analysis.

Medical and Social changes for People with Williams Syndrome

People with Williams Syndrome have medical problems like developmental delays, learning disabilities, and cardiovascular problems. Also people with Williams Syndrome have social changes like striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities, and a liking for music.

Odds of someone having Williams Syndrome

Every one 1 in 10,000 have Williams Syndrome. It is known to be diagnosed in boys and girls with any culture.
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When and Who Discovered Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome was discovered by Dr. J. C. Williams in 1961. he noticed strange characteristics in four patients, He did tests on the patients to discover Williams Syndrome.

Final Summary

WIlliams Syndrome is a syndrome that effects your physical and mental structure. It can be helpful and a detriment. These characteristics are very unique like this syndrome.