Instructional Technology Tidbit

A few morsels of tech integration for your consideration!

October 2017

Campus Based Trainings

Your campus iCoaches work to integrate technology into their lessons not only for our students, but for YOU too! Their goal is to share ways to incorporate technology into your lessons. Each campus offers 2 one hour sessions per month and are always looking for ways to serve you! Be sure and communicate your needs to them so they can customize sessions to meet your campus goals! Are you interested in seeing what the other campus iCoaches offer? Our campus based trainings are available on the Instructional Technology website. Check it out! You are welcome to

Did you know?

The Quizizz web tool (which many of you use) can now upload grades to Google Classroom! Thanks Autumn Deason at CMS for the tidbit!

Uploading Google Classroom grades to Skyward

What a GAME CHANGER! For those of you who have 100-ish students that you give grades to on a daily basis, this process could really ease your work flow! Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of clicks to get the grades from Classroom to Skyward but many of you will find the process a welcome change from manually entering them. Please check out the 5 minute video below for details!
5 Minute Google Tips Tip #11 Transfer grades from Classroom to Skyward

A Perfect Pear

Many of you utilize the quiz feature within Google Forms, but now, Pear Deck has joined forces to make this formative assessment tool even more robust! All you have to do is install the Pear Deck add-on and then you’ll be able to add in the interactive question types available through Pear Deck right within Google Slides!

Google just released Add-ons within Google Slides this past week. You’ve been able to use Add-ons with Docs & Spreadsheets, but not Slides… until now! Want to know more? Check out the Pear Deck site for details and instructions!