A.W. 2nd period

Elements of Drama

What is drama? Drama is a story acted on stage for an audicne. The word drama means to do, the earliest dramas were written in 5th centruy B.C! Dramas have a exposition, complications,climax, and a resoultion. There are many types of dramas, radio dramas, comedy, romantic comedy, and tradgey dramas also. Comedy plays ends happily, the plot usually enters a romantic comedy. Modern drama may be tragedy, comedy, or both! The stages can have many different sizes and layouts, thrust stages extends into viewing area and the audience is on three sides of the stage. In the round stage the audince is on all sides. Proscenium stage play area extends behind an opening called a proscenium arch, audiecne sits on one side looking at the action. The stage might be realistict and detailed, or abstract and minimal. The lighting is very important, it sets the mood for the play. The costumes can be either minamal, or very detailed. The props are for the actors on stage. Finally a play needs an audince to expirence the story, understand the play, and respond to the characters.