i just saw a catfish walk

A.K.A Clarias batrachus


kingdom: animalia

phylum: chordata

class: osteichthyes

order: siluriformes

family: clariidae

genus: clarias

this specie is not a threat to the environment

its not being controlled

they don't benefit anything

it was introduced in florida as they were imported by the u.s. and sold as pets

the walking catfish can actually walk!!


*Walking catfish, which are scale-less, are typically a uniform shade of gray or gray-brown with many small white spots along their sides. The head is flat and wide and the body tapers to the tail. The eyes are very small and the mouth is broad with fleshy lips and numerous small pointed teeth in large bands on both the upper and lower jaw

orignally from- southern asia including pakistan and eastern india

watch a fish walk on land

Friday, Nov. 15th 2013 at 9pm

79985 Double Eagle Way

La Quinta, CA

an actual fish is going to walk on land see it for your self