Taj Mahal

By Tyson Rollins

The Taj Mahal was a building built for Shan Jaun's wife. Its a huge white building made of Makrah marble.Did you know that 45,000 people can fit in the Taj Mahal? The full height of the building is 171meters and [561 feet].

Who it was Built For

The Taj Mahal got its name from Shans wife but her real name was not really Taj Mahal.The Taj Mahal was a building for her to live in but it turned out she was also buried in it. When Shan died he was buried with his wife in the building but not the same year or time. People say that they were buried in the basement but its not true.

The Construction of the Taj Mahal

The construction of the building took about Twenty-two years to build.The building was built and took over 200 people to build.The people had over 1,000 Elephants to help move the heavy metal.The Taj Mahal was done being built around 1632. The interior walls were 82 feet tall. They built a grave site north of the Yamuna river. The building is located in Agra in the city Uttar Pradesh in India.

Yamuna River

The Yamuna river can also be called the Jamuna River. The River is the largest Tributy river of the gahnes. The Yamuna river is 855 miles long and 1,376 kilometers long.If the river floods it cant get in the Taj Mahal because there is a huge wall arond the building. The only smart way to cross the river is to use a boat and not swim.
There was a time when the Taj Mahal was under attack by the British Empire. The empire was a strong empire back then.If you go to India today you can still visit the building. I bet you think that people back then couldn't build strong things to prove you wrong think of the Taj Mahal, Pyramids and the Blue Mosk.
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The Taj Mahal during Christmas

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The Moon at The Taj Mahal


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