Should more immigrants be legalized ?

Jennifer Oakes Cazares

Should immigrants be legalized?

Immigrant s should be legalized because most of these immigrants are helping and building the American economy by working, and these immigrants came to this country seeking a better future for their families.

What Is Illegal Immigration.

Illegal immigration has been a thing since early in history, and thanks to immigrants the United States is a nation that was built by immigrants. Illegal immigration is when a person gets to another country breaking immigration laws. For example crossing a border that divides two countries, going to a different country with fake papers, and even coming to a country legally and not going back when it's time. In Gail Stewart's " Illegal Immigration" the article confirms that " Between 11 and 15 million people are in this country without permission. All these people are from different countries, and come from all across the world, these people came to this country for a better future.

Why do these immigrants come to the United States?

Freedom and family are just a few reasons why immigrants from many countries come to the United States. Immigrants come from all over the world, all around the world different social issues impact these people lives in terrible ways. Most immigrants come from Latin America like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico,etc. In the article " Illegal Immigration" the author Gail Stewart says, " Victor did not have a job back in Mexico. Many people have the same problem. Mexico is very, very poor and people have no way to make money."Immigrants started to come from Mexico since they don't have jobs , and they have families to take care of. Most of the families have a lot of kids that need an education and they cant afford it back in Mexico, so they come to the United States illegaly.


Some people have the opinion that illegal students don't go to school and do nothing. In the article "Undocumented" by Dan-el Padilla, the author mentioned that " I showed them all your books. I told them you go to a famous private school on full scholarship." Most illegal students go to school like American kids, they study in public and private schools, and they even get full scholarships because they don't have that much money but amazing grades. It is also said that immigrants come and take Americans jobs. In Alan Allport's " Immigration policy " the authors mentions that " Immigrants perform low paying work that American citizens are unwilling to do. This means that if immigrants got deported back to their hometowns, America wouldn't have people do low paying jobs like janitors, street cleaners and dishwashers.


Immigrants work their butts off for a better living. Not all immigrants have the chance to be legalized in the United States. In Gail Stewart's " Illegal Immigration" the author summarizes that " Even though they are afraid, people keep working at their jobs. That is the reason they came here." These people run the risk of getting caught and sent back to their homes. By becoming legalized these people could make more money and help the American economy even more, and even get to be reunited with their families.