Brown Vs. Board of Education

By Jackson, Olivia, Colin, Frank and Shelby

Olivia's Questions

1. Who was involved in this event? Linda Brown, NAACP & Earl Warren.

2. What happened during the event? The schools become desegregated

3. What led to this event occurring? A seven year old girl had to walk twenty blocks to school, when there was an all-while school onle two blocks away

Colin's Questions

1. When did your event take place? May 17, 1954

2. Where did your event take place? Supreme Court, Washington D.C. and Topeka Kansas

3. How did this event change life for African Americans? It allowed African Americans to go to former all-white schools

Shelby's Questions

1. Why did this event take place? It was a reaction to a seven-year old girl walking twenty blocks to school.

2. How did people react to your event? The NAACP was very supportive, and African Americans. Most white people were against it

3. How did this event contribute to the civil rights movement as a whole? It nationally desegregated schools

4. How did this event change life for white people? They had to go to school with African Americans.

Jackson's Questions

1. What was the goal of your event? Do desegregate schools.

2. What were some immediate effects? Some schools were desegregated.

3. What were some long term effects of your event? Schools were eventually segregated.

Frank's Questions

1. How was your event inspired by other events, groups, or individuals? It was inspired by Mexican & African American groups.

2. how did this event change life for other minority groups? It allowed them to go to different schools

3. How did your event lead to future events? It led to desegrgation of public schools