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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



October 3-7 Monarch Butterfly Week (state insect)

October 3 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

October 3 Art/PLC day

October 3 Faculty Meeting 3:45-4:30

October 4 SCC Meeting (send questions to Toy)

October 5 Special House Awards Sheet Completed

October 6 Science Night (everyone should be here to help)

October 7 Red River Rivalry: Dress in UT or OU Attire for the Day

October 7 House meeting: Awards Celebration

October 10 Flex day

October 11 District Staff Development

October 12 PTA Dairy Queen Night

October 14 House meeting

October 14 Field Day

October 17 Faculty Meeting

October 18 Picture Retake Day (on the stage)

October 19 Kinder Compositions

October 20 Fantastic Teeth Club: 1st Grade Cafeteria 9-10

October 21 House meeting

October 24-27 Book Fair in the Library

October 24-28 Red Ribbon Week

October 24 Team Lead Meeting

October 21 Grandparent Breakfast in Library 7:30-8:10

October 21 Dr. Clark & Dr. Holland Walk-through

October 27 PLC/Art Day

October 27 PTA Bosses Pizza Night

October 28 House Meeting & Storybook Character Dress-up Day

October 28 Carnival 5-8 (everyone should be here to help)

November 1 World's Finest Chocolate Kickoff (fundraiser)

November 2 50th Day of School: Wear 50's attire

November 4 House meeting & Arbor Day

November 7 Faculty Meeting & PTA Board Meeting

November 8 Election Day and Play It Safe

November 9 Early Release Day

November 10 Play it Safe Continued & PTA McDonald's Night

November 11 Join My Journey, CORE Value Student Due, & Veterans Day

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you Mr. D for always sharing your doughnuts with everyone!
  • We greatly appreciate the new microwave and want to say a big thanks to Nicole for getting this for us.
  • Thank you Becky for coordinating and preparing our Science Night!
  • Thank you Mrs. Appling for leading and following up with SMART goal training. This has made goal setting really smooth and productive!
  • Thanks to Tracey for setting up the flu shots at school. That makes it super convenient for everyone.
  • Thank you Nicole and Resa for helping and supporting Tracey so much!
  • Thank you Victor for pulling double duty and covering for our custodians who have been out this week!
  • Thank you Susan for all your work with students, especially the young ones and the amazing job you are doing in the cafeteria!
  • Great job on the lock-down and fire drills this past week. We learn so much from these each time and appreciate Mrs. Appling's work in keeping our campus safe!
  • We appreciate the support of our outstanding coaches Sarah and Christina for their guidance and PD delivery. The Raz-Plus training was very well done and we appreciate how much this will help our students. Thank you everyone for watching the short video in advance, our coaches said it made a tremendous difference!
  • Thank you Marchelle for taking on additional work in PTA to put together our membership night!
  • Thank you Mr. D for working with our choir and guiding them through their 1st performance with excellence!
  • Thank you Angie for updating our calendar online and serving as our webmaster to get important information up quickly!
  • Thank you Jessica for sharing minutes and keeping us all updated this week.
  • Thank you Diane for filling our chocolate bowl in and Susan Wright for adding even more to the stock this week!
  • We appreciate Mr. Riley and Mr. D for their team mindset and always being willing to help when needed.
  • Thank you Nicole for finishing the preparations on the questions binders for 3rd-5th grades.
  • Thank you Tracey for scheduling and coordinating the Vision & Hearing Screenings and thank you to Becky for setting up the science lab!
  • Thank you Shelly for getting everything together and sharing the house service project that helps not only fulfill our district goals, but also builds on our campus mission to develop students in all areas.
Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

Champion of Children

Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids." Her response: "Kids don't learn from people they don't like.'" A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level.

Thank you for believing in each of your students every day and going above & beyond to help them be successful. Teachers at HHE do such an incredible job of seeing the best in our students and bringing out the potential that the students often do not see in themselves. Thank you for having the eyes of a champion.

Information & Updates

  • Grades are due on Tuesday at 8:00. Pam will run reports and have verification (white copies) on Wednesday morning. Final copies will be run late Wednesday afternoon and be given to you to send out Thursday.
  • Special Awards should be recorded on the following sheet by the end of the day Wednesday You can recognize students in your class and give them their individual awards at that time. On Friday we will recognize these students as a group and announce the winner for the 1st six weeks during the house celebration on Friday the 7th.
  • If you have not already, please send Nicole your key numbers in an email
  • October Flex day is approaching, if you didn't attend any professional development this summer or are an EA and don't have Comp time please stop by and see Mr. Wamsley or Mrs. Appling so we can make plans for Oct. 10th.
  • Susan Henderson needs your CORE student's name by the 30th please so she can send invites out to parents. Please email the name along with how your students are chosen by the classmates for CORE student. She is compiling this info for her CORE plan.
  • We still only have one cafeteria monitor. If you know of a parent or someone else that is interested, please let Nicole know.
  • Thank you for a great job during our first fire drill of the year! Here are a few reminders of staff actions during these drills:
  • Your classroom door should be unlocked, closed, and lights out. Use the cards outside to indicate if all students are accounted for (green) or missing students (red).

  • Please join PTA as soon as possible, our goal is 100% staff by September, have it in early for a week's worth of jeans :)
  • Encourage parents to join PTA. Get creative (and relentless) in working towards 100% of your class to join our PTA- they do SO MUCH for our campus and we need to do everything we can to help with membership!
  • BISD Foundation awards grants to teachers each year for innovative ideas. These are due in December and awarded in the spring. Start thinking of ideas for a grant now. More information next week!
  • T-TESS Calendar:

Communication with Families

Positive communication with our community and making sure families feel they are a welcomed part of our school is one of our major campus goals this year.

Could each grade level send/email me how you communicate with your families each week: Newsletter, Facebook page, weekly email announcements, Remind, and/or a combination of ways?

As you are scheduling your parent conferences, remember to always begin by stating something positive about the student. Make every effort to communicate in a note, e-mail, phone call to get a face to face meeting with parents.

If possible, please use the below form throughout the year to let me know of 1 student each week that did something to be recognized for. I will be making at least 6 phone calls a day to let parents know of the great thing their child did and brag on you and how proud you are of them.

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We are on a mission with your class missions

Thank you for the mission statements I have so far. Please type up, print out, have students sign (or fingerprint) their mission statement, and then send me these class mission statements! This can be a picture of the one you already have up in your class!

Our announcement team will be going mobile. Once all classroom mission statements are turned in, we will be visiting classrooms and doing announcements Live and On Location. We will spotlight the mission statement of the classroom we are in. The mission will also be visible in the main hallway of our building along with class pictures. Your mission statement needs to be a living, breathing part of your day and your routines. A good practice to put in place would be to recite it everyday as a class as soon as announcements are over, and turn it into a habit. Next week LOL will be tweaking our campus mission based on your beliefs and we will roll that out to you ASAP!


We will support students, staff, and families with outstanding customer service to ensure our collective efforts create student success.

Support ~ Communicate ~ Collaborate

Upcoming Evening Events

Evening events that happen on campus and serve our whole campus like the Howdy Dance, Science Night, and Carnival are a vital part of fulfilling the mission of our school. It is important that everyone participate and contribute to these events.

I know that there are some times that a family event might overlap with these and I want you to prioritize your family first for these rare conflicts. If you cannot be part of a school evening event, please email Mr. Wamsley in advance and let me know. Thank you

Feedback Needed

Continuous Improvment for HHE: Plus/Delta/Rx

This information will be collected and shared at team leader meetings so we be solutions focused. Please use this form throughout the year to help provide information that can help us learn and grow as a campus.

School Photos Throughout the Year

We have a folder on our Google drive that will be for any school events that we have pictures for. This will help us with making end of year videos, yearbook, and other celebrations. Please post in the below folder as needed:

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Field Day

Sack lunched will be provided for students on Friday, October 14th Grades k-1 will pick up lunches beginning at 10:30. This gives them around 45 minutes to eat lunch in their classrooms. They will need to be back in the field day rotation by 11:30. Grades 2-5 will pick up their lunches beginning at 11:00. Again, this will give them around 45 minutes to eat lunch in their classrooms. They will need to be back in the field day rotation at 12:00.

Thank you Kim, Jeanne, Paul, and Marchelle for all your work on this!

Technology Spotlights

BISD Learning Conference

When: October 1, 2016 -Registration open NOW!

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where: Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning 7020 Mid Cities Blvd ~ North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Who: BISD Campus Teachers/Staff, Administrators and Central Office Staff

Clothing needs

We have 2 big needs with clothing items:

  1. The Nurse needs any new underwear that will fit our students. Anyone can donate and this can be a class effort :)
  2. The Clothes Connection serves hundreds of our student with essential clothing and footwear. They are critically low on clothing right now and would love any gently used clothing from 3T to adult.
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2

Creating A Culture of Curiosity

This week's video gives a whole new meaning to sound waves, thank you Alyssa for finding such great videos that help promote a culture of curiosity!

Many students don’t feel comfortable being curious at school. They’ve learned that asking a question might make them look foolish, slow down the class, or even upset the teacher. So if you want curious students, you have to retrain them to be curious again. You have to spend some time creating a culture of curiosity. Each week, you’ll get a; fascinating images, interesting articles, and intriguing videos to share with your class.

What Do I Do With This?

Take two minutes, show the curiosity, and simply let your students ask questions. Let them wonder. Let them make unexpected connections and share personal experiences.

Don’t assign homework or create classwork out of these questions, or you’ll quench the fire. If kids want to find the answer, they’ll find it on their own time. If not, then maybe it just wasn’t that interesting to them. And that’s fine.

Instructional Corner

  • Please take a moment to review our districts Tier 1 priorities and let me know if you need any support in furthering our work with these.
  • Don't forget to add Kagan structures to your normal routine and lesson plans. You should at least be using one structure a day by the end of this six weeks. I am ordering the "one pager" for every teacher on the 10 most effective strategies.
  • The following items should be up on your wall and interacted with during instruction: TEKS, Math Posters, Norma Jackson Posters, interactive word walls, and class mission statements.

Attire and Professional Dress

I appreciate how professional and prepared everyone looks everyday. This sends a strong message to our community that we can be trusted to teach their children and shows that you deserve the respect given to any professional.

On the first day of each week you may wear this year's T-Shirt with light colored pants/skirt instead of professional teacher dress.

On Wednesdays during the month of September and October you may wear jeans with a college shirt. From November through March you may chose to wear the school sweat "uniform" on Wednesdays. April and May we wear professional dress to finish the year.

Fridays are jeans day with a school spirit shirt, which can include your house spirit shirt. Please make sure that our attire is above the student dress code (no holes, no fraying, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

September Birthdays

Darian Sands September 15

Maria Paz September 17

Marchelle Smart September 22

Tonya Bishop September 27

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Communication information

Staff please get the Remind 101 app use code @81010 or text @bisdhhe to get updates throughout the year.

You might also want to Like the Holiday Heights Elementary official Facebook Page and follow Twitter @bisdhhe to keep up with school happenings throughout the year!