McMillan Monday Memo-Mar. 21, 2016

To: McMillan Faculty and Staff


Teachers - It's the time of year that you will be approached by parents in regard to classes and teachers for next year. PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL in your comments as all teachers deserve our respect. If you are approached, please inform parents that they will be able to make requests starting in April and that I will be making final class decisions. I will be sending a message out in the upcoming newsletter letting parents know this. It takes a lot of pressure off you if you place the responsibility on me. With this in mind, after spring break, you will also be given your class list forms to help in creating these lists. Please don't make any promises as there are ALWAYS changes. As usual, I will be working with each of you as concerns and parent requests come in before I make any changes. However, if a student placement is based on a parent request, that request has to be done in writing, not just a verbal comment from them to you. Also, there will be some changes in teacher placements due to student numbers, so again, making suggestions for teachers doesn't always work. Requests should be based on student need and environment more than "teacher" requests. Thanks for your support in this!!!

PLC / iSupport Schedule for this week

  • PLC visits/training will be held with 3rd, 1st, and 6th grades again this week, during Mon-Wed PLC times.


Teachers - You should all have received a calendar of your SAGE testing dates. I have and will again indicate general dates to families, but it may be a good idea for you all to let your parents know when your days are in order to ensure your students are in attendance if possible. It's also good to remind them to get appropriate sleep, and enjoy a good breakfast. Most importantly...RELAX AND ENJOY!