Code of Conduct

wearing deodorant

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Body Odor Through the Ages: A Brief History of Deodorant

  • Human Evolution: Stink as Our Defense Mechanism
  • Ancient Egyptians: Perfumed Underarms and Scented Wax
  • Ancient Romans and Greeks: Perfume Bathing and Dousing
  • The Middle Ages: Back to Stinking
  • MUM: 1st Trademark Deodorant, 1888
  • Everdry: 1st Effective Deodorant

unofficial rules

  • there is no law enforcing you to smell good but it is very much appreciated
  • shower regularly
  • deodorant is needed daily
  • change deodorant regularly
  • make sure deodorant is worn during physical activity
  • please inform those who are not keeping up with the "smell good rule"
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deodorant in our culture today

  • not using deodorant because of toxins and links
  • teachers requesting children to wear it
  • those who believe wearing deodorant should be a law
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