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Moses When Harriet Tubman Lead Her People to Safety

MOSES, is a beautiful name for one of the wonderful book which has best images I have ever seen. This book is a Caldecott award winning book written by carole weatheford and illustrated by Kadir Nelson. MOSES book is about a woman named Harriet Tubman, who led her people to freedom. Artistic Style and Literary Elements: ( pic 4)You can know about the high quality picture in this book from the first picture you will see which is the cover picture because the nice and neat picture that he uses (as you can see in the picture that I post it). Therefore. This book is a realistic because there is no incongruity dream or fantasy images. It not also unnatural juxtapositions, it is a drawing from the reality. Also, the character reflected in the illustrations. For example, the character feeling and emotions was very important in this story, so the illustrations need to show that and try to make the reader feeling like the characters emotions.

Physical Features and Artistic Style (pic 3, 4): The book is large in size and bold in color. In addition, the size helps us to have more focus on the details of the pictures. The drawing in this book was more than amazing, I really enjoyed how large and powerful the images were. It can hook your attention easily as you can understand her feeling by the perfect drawing of the facial features, so this book image is almost realism which help the reader to imagine the story as a real story. In addition, the front matters and endpaper have just one color with are a shiny yellow. These pages’ color has a goal which I think is to take the reader's attention by totally different color than the story, so the reader will notice that he saw the yellow page before he/she start read then at the end she/he saw the same thing.

Visual Elements, Artistic Media and Literary Elements: the color in this book was very effective. He uses a watercolor and pastels in this beautiful picture. Some pictures like (pic 2,3) has a dark color (black, blue) for dark moods, scary, depressing. On the other hand, some pages almost cover with white and light blue colors. The white and light blue colors were with the pages that have a happy event( pic 1). Likewise, the point of view in most pages were focus on Harriet Tubman and her emotional feeling like when she was praying, working, and thinking. However, the literary elements like the plot and the theme reflected in the illustrations clearly as I mentioned before.

Elements of Illustration: The narrative sequence in this book was very good because it easy to follow and we can counties reading without confusion or disruption, so it is perfect which support the meaning of the picture book. Interplay of Text and Illustrations: The font was suitable to the meaning. For example, when the god speaks the font was big and they post it on the sky with capital letters (pic 4) In addition, the text and illustrations work together in concert to create meaning for example in the (pic 1) How she was working hard and have a hope at the same time with being connected to the god. So, you can easily notice that in the draws in this book can take the attention of readers to how texts work. Finally, the words and images Interaction were symmetrical interaction which means Words and pictures tell the same story using different forms of communication.


Lukens, Rebecca J. A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, 1976. Print.



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