Guitar Notes

Mary Amato

About The Book

Characters & Setting

In Guitar Notes there are a couple characters. Some of them are important like Broody, Lyla, Broodys Mom, Lylas Dad, & Annie. They all live in the same town, but Broody & Lyla go to many places. It also seems like its in present day not in the past or in the future, but in the present.

The Story

At first Broody and Lyla were'nt friends but then after a while they start leaving notes for each other in the band room since they both share the same room but at different times. Then a couple days pass and they start hanging out and Broody starts teaching Lyla how to play guitar. They start going to play at weddings and at other places but then their parents find out and ground them from going anywhere else but while Lyla's father is taking her home they get in an accident. Broody then finds out and he takes back his guitar and rides his bike to the hospital. When he gets there he rushes to Lyla's room and sings her a song hoping she'll wake up from her comma but she dosent. Broody's mom and Lyla's father walk in and watch him. After a while she heard his song she wakes up. And thats summary of the story.
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