the winchster house got a new room!

it's the clinic room!

liam & arad

the winchester house is getting it’s new clinic room! there the doctors sleep and heal mrs. winchester!

The 32 year-old dr. Gillfilling got shot by a black-silver winchester and needed a place to stay. He was with mrs. winchester in her room until the point his clinic was built! then mrs. winchester put his stuff there, and he heals her!

the room has a private area for dr. Gillfilling with his stuff, and his bed. then, his table with tools, and his patient’s bed. above it is a lamp.

in his area, there is a wooden cabinet, and Gillfilling’s bed. it’s small, pink, and he claims it’s comfy.

Gillifing’s work laptop is on his desk. his personal one is in his cabinet. no one knows what is in the cabinet

sara bought this for the ghost, and Gillifing’s heals. on the wall is his doctor licsence. near that is his cabinet. then ther is his cart cabinet. then is his x-ray checker and displayer. his fireplace for staying warm.

there is also his psychology section with a bed and a couch

the mirror there for looking fresh!

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