Digital Teacher Leader

Stacy Pearson

Guilty or Not Guilty Math Collaborative Strategy

This is a link to a Padlet that demonstrates a Problem Solving activity that my 4th Grade Math students worked on. The students were given a word problem and one of the answer choices. They had to work collaboratively with their group to determine whether their answer choice was right or wrong. They had to justify their reasoning.

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Utililizing Technology for Science and Social Studies

For Social Studies the students were researching Stephen F. Austin. They created a Puppet Pals illustrating events of his life.

For Science students participated in Force of Motion stations including a video segment from Discovery Education. They then scanned a QR COde with their iPads that linked to a Padlet where they responded to what they discovered in their stations.

6 Word Story SOS Strategy

In our Digital Teacher Leader training session, we were given the task of describing our journey as a Digital Teacher Leader in 6 Words and also using visual representation. I chose the words Challenging, Growth, Dig Deep, Guidance, STAR, and Craft Sharpening. I chose these words because I feel that this experience has been an opportunity to take my teaching and leadership skills to a whole new level. It has stretched my thinking and caused me to step out of my comfort zone.
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Class Flow Time to the Half Hour

In my first grade classroom we were learning about telling time to the half hour. I designed a Class Flow lesson for my students. The students were sent various cards to their iPads to go along with my lesson. There was a card that the students collaborated with each other on about the various parts of a clock and what the numbers meant. There were also cards that allowed the students to manipulate parts of the lesson. This allows them to submit their work to me and I can use it as an assessment or quick check on understanding of the lessson.