Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Discover Litrivi - Your Olive Oil

What is Litrivi?

Litrivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a limited production Olive Oil from Greece, based on a family tradition and experience of four generations in producing pure extra virgin olive oil. Our satisfaction is to offer you the olive oil that ourselves, for 4 generations, have been consuming.

Why limited production?

We insist in keeping our production limited, so we can offer you, Litrivi at its best. Privately owned olive groves, self harvesting, bottling and personal packaging ensure that each bottle is unique and part of our family. Only 1200 bottles available for 2013!

What about package and delivery?

Our bottles are made of high quality glass that allow you to experience, the golden colour of Litrivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The high quality wooden cork that seals each bottle, along with the one-use cap seal, ensures that all the ingredients, aroma and taste, remain unchanged from the moment of extraction until you taste it. Delivery is made in environmental friendly, recyclable carton boxes that ensure that your bottle arrives intact while reducing its environmental footprint.

Smell the fragnance of a hundred years old, olive trees and groves...