Room 121 News

Week of April 13th

Classroom News

It has been forever since a newsletter has come home. We apologize. But with all the snow and random days off, we were in over our heads. The website had key information.

Math News

We have accomplished so much in math over the last few weeks. The children have been introduced and mastered geometry and fractions. We have begun to study length and measure. Please remember to continue to practice addition facts daily.

Reading News/LAL News

The children have been learning so many things in reading. The have been discussing treasures that can be found in books, around the country and other places. They have been introduced to new phonics skills. Last week, they worked on /oa/ and /ow/. They learned that oa is found in the middle of words and ow is found at the end of words.

The children read and learned about Washington D.C. We watched a short video clip exploring Washington D.C.

The children have been working hard writing various poems to add to our poem books. They are excellent.

Science/Social Studies/Health

In Science, we are continuing to discuss light. We have been completing experiments using flashlights in the classroom.

In Social Studies, we have been discussing Earth Day.

Other News

As the weather is changing, please remember our classrooms are air conditioned. You may want to send in a sweater shirt for your child to leave in the classroom in case they get cold.

Also, please ask your child if they need any supplies for the classroom. Many children are running low on glue, pencils, and their expo markers are running dry.