Team LOL

Origami Owl Monthly Update

Happy 2014!

Beginning this month, I am going to create a monthly newsletter for our team. I'm excited to share tips, information and success stories as our team continues to grow. Most months I'll highlight new team members, our CTV (central team volume), top PV (personal volumes), etc. This month I'll give an overview of our team. I'm so impressed with the how far we've come and can't wait to see the successes that lie ahead!

Tips and Training

Weekly training includes Monday webinars from The Nest (contact and replay information is in your back office) and Tuesday calls from my mentor Jill McCarthy (information is posted on the Sparkling Hooters FB page).

Your OrigamI Owl back office contains a wealth of information. The most important for new Owls is the training videos. If you haven't viewed these they can be found in your back office under Blogs (Browse Blogs and Click Webinars) or clicking this link:

For those who haven't seen Bella's interview on Good Morning America you can click on this link:

Jennifer Peet shared this interesting article from Direct Selling News. It's definitely worth a read: