Early settlers.

By Molly bell.


Settlers are first people to settle in a new area.


Someone who comes from a different country to live in another.

Able sterns.

-born in Massachusetts

-moved to Mexico in 1826

-1829 he went to las Angeles

-1829 started a rancho in las angeles.

-largest landowner in Southern California.

John Augustis

-1839 came to Switzerland

-became a Mexican citizen

-got land grant

-built settlement (new Helvetia) wheat farm cattle ranch fort (sutters fort ).

John marsh

-came to la in 1836

-he bought a rancho

-A pioneer in which one of the first people to settle in a new land.

John barterson and John bidwell

They traveled in a wagon train from Missouri to California.

- the group set out to for Oregon trail the main route.

John Fremont

- came west in 1842 as the u.s army expedition to explore and map the Oregon trail.

-1844 he explored "San Joaquin valley.

-went farther south with Joseph Waller reached old Spanish trail.

-Fremont wrote book with wife

-became national hero.

Donner party

-led by goarge and Jacob donner

- 87 men women and children left Missouri for California 1846.

- they reached Sierra Nevada in winter

-half of donner party died.