Latin American leaders

by Emanuel Olvera

Jose Maria Morelos

Jose Maria Morelos

From Valladolid, Mexico

Born on September 30 1765, died December 12, 1815, he was a Mestizo

He helped gain independence for Mexico.

Mexico wanted independence from Spain because the Natives were being abused and they were treated as slaves.

Jose Maria Morelos was a general for the rebels against the Spaniards. Jose was a Roman Catholic priest and once Miguel Hidalgo was executed he took his place as a leader. Jose was a martyr and died for the revolution once the Spanish captured and executed him.

He is a hero in Mexico and the state or Morelos and the city of Morella are named after his legacy.

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Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar

from Caracas, Venezuela

Born on July 24, 1783, died December 17, 1830, he was a Creole

He helped gain independence for the territories of Ecuador, Spain, and Colombia.

Venezuela wanted their independence from Spain because their economy was suffering from Spanish rule and the Venezuelan people were being treated badly. Colombia wanted their independence from Napololean. Ecuador wanted to be freed and he helped them join as a territory of Colombia.

Simon Bolivar was a political and military leader who fought for the Independence of Venezuela. Simon liberated Colombia by defeating Spain. He liberated Ecuador and Ecuador joined Colombia as a territory of theirs.

Simon Bolivar is remembered all over Latin America. Politicians in modern time have added his image as pieces of propaganda.

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