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September 3, 2022



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September 8th - Home and School Meeting - 7PM @Mulready Library

September 15th - Open House

September 21st - Scarlet Lewis from Choose Love speaks at HHS - 7pm (see below)

September 21st - Professional Development Day - half day - 11:45 dismissal

October 7th - No School - Professional Development Day

October 10th - No School - Columbus Day

October 24th - Fun Run

November 11th - No School - Veterans Day

November 16th and 17 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 1/2 days - 11:45am dismissal

November 23rd, 24th, and 25th - Thanksgiving break - no school


Tuesday, 6th


1. Mashed Potato & Chicken Bowl

2. Mixed Greens Salad with Cheese

3. Jumbo Crispy Chicken Tenders with cheese croutons

Wednesday, 7th


1. Boneless Chicken Wings

2. Hot Ham & Cheese Bagel

3. Jumbo Crispy Chicken Tenders

Thursday, 8th


1. Roasted Turkey with Gravy

2. Chili Cheese Dog

3. Jumbo Crispy Chicken Tenders

Friday, 9th


1. Cheese Pizza

2. Classic Pepperoni Pizza

3. Jumbo Crispy Chicken Tenders


Home & School Association

The Home & School Association is Mulready’s PTA group.From supporting in-class learning, to bringing enrichment opportunities to life, the Home & School team is eager to help make this year exciting and positive for all. We create memories and raise funds to keep our school at its best and we need you.

Our First Meeting

We hope that you can join us in person in the Mulready library this Thursday, September 8th at 7pm. Meet our team and hear what we have planned for the school year ahead. All parents, caregivers, teachers and Mulready staff are welcome!

School Directory

We will be compiling an email directory for parents to easily contact one another throughout the school year. This list is EMAILS ONLY, not addresses or phone numbers. This comes in handy for birthday invitations, play dates requests, homework help etc. and will help build strong social ties outside of our school environment. If you DO NOT want your email added to the list please fill out the form this form to opt out

Upcoming Fall Events

October will not only bring the cool autumn temps and pumpkin spice everything but also two really fun events for our school.

  • Booster Fun Run: This is our one fundraiser of the school year. We have been working with Booster for 7 years now and we are so excited to bring back the fun run. Save the Date: October 24th. Many more details to follow.

  • Ohana Trunk or Treat: Last year we held our first school wide trunk or treat and had a blast. We are so excited to say we are doing it again! More details and event date to follow!


We love volunteers! With these events coming up we will be needing your help. For any kind of volunteering opportunity at the school whether in your child’s class or at one of our events you will need to have an up to date Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) form on file. Please come to the office to fill out a form with Mrs. Monteiro. You will need a formal ID. CORI forms stay active for 3 years so if you have filled one out in the past you may want to confirm if it is still valid.

We look forward to the upcoming school year and making some incredible things happen at Mulready!

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Mulready Home and School Association

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Mulready School Parents Association

Email us with your questions:


On Friday, Officer Chad Crogan and service dog Murph stopped by the school to visit with the students and drop into several classrooms. In Mrs. Garofalo's room, after talking to the children about Murph's training, he read the class the book, Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle. All of the students are always so excited to see Murph (and Officer Crogan, too!)

SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 21st – 7-8:30 pm @HHS

Come and learn about the social emotional learning curriculum Hudson Public Schools is implementing this school year. The program is called Choose Love and will be taught in Pre-K through grade 12. We invite you to attend the in-person Choose Love Kickoff for Parents by Scarlett Lewis, founder of Choose Love. Parents will learn the researched benefits of the four character values of the Choose Love formula and understand how vital they are to implement in our daily lives. The four units (character values) are courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action.

Scarlet Lewis founded Choose Love after the death of her son, Jesse Lewis, who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Scarlet Lewis turned the pain of her loss into developing a social emotional program that provides students with strategies and tools to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy, meaningful relationships.

Courage+Gratitude+Forgiveness+Compassion in Action=Choose Love


When you are dropping off or picking up your child, please pull up as far as you can and as close to each other as you safely can. We want to alleviate any traffic on Cox Street. Please do not block the entrance/exit on Cox Street and the bus entrance/exit. Children should exit and enter cars on the right side of your vehicle. Do not exit your car to help your child. Staff will assist them.


We have three tables of sweatshirts, jackets, lunchboxes and backpacks. Please label your child's belongings. That way we can be sure that the items get back to their owners.

Also, if your child is missing clothing or a backpack or lunchbox, feel free to stop by and check out our tables.

SCHOOL WEBSITES: (If link does not work, copy and paste it into the address bar.)

Mrs. Caloggero’s Reading Website:

Mr. Glines’s Class weather website:

Mrs. Colarullo’s website:

Mrs. Buscemi’s Math website:

Ms. Steinhaus’s music website:

Mrs. Westberg’s Art site:

The technology department website for the 1:1 program is: There is also a link there for tutorials.

Mrs. Hughes’s School Psychology site:


Hats and hoodies are not allowed to be worn during the school day. The exception is that hats can be worn on some spirit days. There are children who are hiding inside of their hoodies in the classrooms.

Cell phones are not allowed to be seen or heard in school. If a child has one, it must be turned off and not seen or heard (kept in backpack). If it is seen or heard, it will be sent to the office and have to be picked-up by a parent. All phone calls from students will go through the office. Cell phones can only be used at CHAPS and the Boys and Girls Club.

No electronics are allowed to be used on the bus.