My Own Indian Tribe

This is about how I think a Indian tribe should be like.


If I was the leader of an Indian Tribe each person would make there own clothes.They would make them out of buck skin and bear fur. I will also let them add details out of any thing they want.


I would also put my tribe in the Piedmont because they have wetlands to fish in and woods to hunt and gather nuts and berries in. They also have open space to farm in.Two of the things I would farm is corn and squash.I would also make the woman gather and farm while the men hunt and also help gather.


For shelter we will use wood poles for a house frame and cover it up with sticks and branches. The men would build the frame and the woman will put on the sticks and branches.


One Tradition is on New Years Day we will celebrate the dead and we will honer the people who was apart of our tribe this will start at 6:00 p.m-7:00 p.m.Also on New Years Day we will replace the old with new and we will believe that if its a new year we need new things this will start at 6:00 a.m till noon time.One more tradition is on December 1st each person will make 10 baskets and 5 crafts.But on New Years Day we will not replace them.We will let them rot away so we can be part of the earth.The reason we each make 10 baskets is because they are useful but crafts are not but we still want decorations so that's why each person can make 5 crafts.


What I would do is since the woman don't hunt they can look for resources to build weapons and the men can make the weapons.One weapon is a spear they use an arrowhead and bamboo or a strong sticks.They use spears to hunt or fish.Another weapon is a blowgun they use a thin hollow piece of wood and a sharp stick then they blow into it and it shoots.


This is the Eagle Tribe

By: Aubrie Pressley