Students rights when it comes to searches and seizures

What Rights Do We Have!?

Each and every one of us should have rights. No matter what gender,race,heritage,love,age,ANYTHING, Our rights should be based off of not humanity but that every man, woman, and child are created equally, divine, and unique, but nonetheless created equally. Why should we the students be any different? The thing is we shouldn't be. Yet our rights are stripped away. Trashing our things by frantically going through them, invading our privacy, and stripping away what we hold close, LIKE OUR CLOTHES AND CLOSE BELONGINGS! Name it they'll probably destroy it or take it away from you! Case-its, purses, bags, lockers, planners, pockets, clothes, security. Young, but still citizens of America we deserve rights!

Why Take Away These Rights?

The grown ups of America today believe that students take drugs, and weapons to school and use these harsh methods to try to prevent that, and i'm not saying thats wrong of them to do this but is it right to strip an innocent student of their clothes, belongings, and their sense of security? To mindlessly accuse an innocent child who has never even heard of the drug you think he/shes carrying, never held a weapon, never done anything to harm him/herself or other students?! You tell me.

How Do We Know This Is Actually Happening?

Here is some cases of students rights being violated in school searches.

case #1: Maryland's Kent County High April 16, 2004.

A sophomore Heather Gore was enjoying her normal morning at school, painting a picture in her art class when suddenly the speakers overhead announced "The school is now in lockdown." Heather was used to this by now and just hoped it would go by quickly so she could finish her panting. Heather doesn't do drugs, or hang out with anyone who does them so she wasn't worried, but when an officer came in explaining her bag had been "hit" she was forced to come with them. Heather was confused because she knew she didn't have any drugs, anywhere. That's exactly what the police found, nothing. That wasn't the end of the already traumatizing search. They took Gore to a room and searched her. Poor Heather already scared even though she did nothing wrong was sobbing, and frightened. Her sense of security was gone, and was being treated like a criminal even though she did nothing wrong. Her friend, had been searched too, and when she cried the officer had told her " don't worry this is practice for the future." Both of their first amendment rights were disregarded that day. If this is practice for the future what kind of world do we live in?

How Do Some People Feel about this Subject ?

Tori Winter : I Believe that searching in schools is wrong and everyone needs rights, and it is an invasion of privacy.

Anonymous : That it is an invasion of privacy, that schools shouldn't do it and if they had reason to suspect drugs, violence, or weapons to just call the police.

Michelle : I think searches are good, in case someone brings something illegal to school, an then spreads it would be terrible so i am glad there is searches.

Our Rights.

Each child deserves rights, self control, Ability to leave peacefully and prosperously. What rights do we have when we are treated like criminal trash? WE DON'T. WE DESERVE TO HAVE RIGHTS WE ARE CITIZENS OF AMERICA!!!