Welcome to India

By: Nina Davis!

Geography of India

Ever been on a roller coaster and felt like it was the most exciting thing you'll ever do? Well then you probably haven't climbed the beautiful, breathtaking mount. Everest in India. At an astonishing 29,290' the mountain stands past the clouds overlooking the busy world.If mountain climbing isn't the "rock" to your roll than maybe you would like sleeping under the stars at the Deccan Plateau. If you don't want to sleep under the stars maybe you would enjoy swimming in the bay of Bengal, its like swimming in liquid gold.
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Unique animals of India

Have you ever read "the jungle book?" well it was inspired by the Khana national park in India. You can find tigers and gaurs are spotted here quite often. Another good park is the Panna park. In Harappa the domesticated animals were sheep, goats, and cattle. There were many of the same uses for animals as we have today but there were also many differences, some of the uses were eating, sheering for wool, hunting, and many other things.

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Anicent sites

Harappa is an ancient cite that had domesticated animals and they were, sheep, goats, cattle.The animals were used in many different ways. Moving right along, everyone has to eat, so they used to eat grains, but they couldn't store them just anywhere. They stored their grains in a grainery. Harappa is now modern day Pakistan. There used to be a large protective wall around the city. Mohenjo-Daro is another ancient cite. They built houses with mostly flat roofs made out of mud and bricks. They also planned their cities very well and there were about 35,000 people. They built fortresses and also had indoor plumbing just like we do.
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India today

India today has many differences than before but today there are many awesome things about India that are beautiful and amazing. Beauties of in are the plants, the people, and the culture in general. A beautiful feature of the plants are that there exotic and beautiful. Some very beautiful plants are the acacia trees. (Far left) Another beautiful plant is the Lotus flower (Middle) It is a beautiful flower. Yet another very beautiful plant is the Bougainvillea (Far right) these usually grow indoors.


Buddhism is a religion that was based in the north-eastern India. The "founder" of Buddhism is named Gautama Buddha. Buddhism is formed around meditating, so they have special rooms/buildings to meditate in. It's like a church. These are called Viharas, visitors do not wear shoes in the Viharas. In Buddhism they consider full moons sacred. They use candles during worship to represent light.

Traveler tips

1) Pick a good route

To get the max relax time pick the quickest route.

2) Take your time

Don't rush with the activities have fun with them.

3) Try to avoid crowds

The mayhem may be fun but if you're trying to relax avoid crowds.

4) Be careful when eating

Your stomach may not be adjusted so don't go crazy.

5) Keep your cool

As beautiful as it is some scam happen sometimes like anywhere else so just stay calm.

Things to do

When going to India nobody wants to just sit in there hotel room and watch all the fun happening! So some fun things to do are visiting New Delhi and going to the Askshardham, its a modern temple celebrating Indian arts. Sticking to the temple "theme" you could go to the Lotus Temple, whit its flower shape it's a beauty!
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