Alcohol Kills

Addiction brings restriction, the dangers aren't fiction

Are you an alcoholic?

Alcohol, alcohol. Just a little, you say. Or is that what you think? A study has revealed that a good chunk of unhealthily alcoholic college men actually think they are light or moderate drinkers. The fraction is almost twice as severe for women. You may not be a college student. But you still may not realize the problem. Alcohol can be so pretty, but looks can be quite deceiving. Are you part of the fraction?

"It's good for you!"

Some news articles say that alcohol is good for your body. For the most part, this is incorrect. Alcohol is not very good for your body at all, and this could be an excuse for your mind to want to drink more. Wine, however, in very, very controlled portions, could increase your resistance to common disease. However, this is mostly due to the grapes used in making it rather than the alcohol content itself. Why bother drinking when there are safer ways to stay healthy?

Short term effects

You feel warmer, but in reality, your body is actually losing heat. Alcohol messes with your taste, hearing, and sight. Your kidneys produce more urine. Your heart rate slows, risking your life when you are older or if you are middle-aged. If you drink a lot, you can tear your esophagus by throwing up. You won't be able to speak right. You may have trouble adjusting to lights, distinguishing sound, and your vision could blur. Drinking and driving takes lives every day. If you really drink too much, your life is at risk.

But the dangers do not stop there...

Long term effects

Over time, the true horror of alcoholism emerges. Your muscles can weaken and ache all the time. They might even jerk around on their own if the drinking is bad. The risk of arthritis and deformed joints is higher. Bones get weaker. Your body gets weaker. You are at risk of deadly liver and kidney failure. Surviving is impossible without your liver, and most of the time the scarring of the liver is permanent. Your immunity to disease is weakened all around. Drinking will worsen acne, cause broken veins, and make your skin sag. If you drink heavily, your kidneys can fail. Addiction at a young age can be devastating to your brain as well.


  • There were 15,990 alcohol-related deaths from liver disease in 2010.
  • The same year, 25,692 deaths occurred directly as a result of alcohol, excluding vehicular homicides and accidents.
  • Over 15 million people depend on alcohol in the USA.
  • Alcohol increases the chances of throat cancer by 700%, high blood pressure by 100%, and other cancers by 80%.
  • If you end up in the hospital as a result of over-consumption of alcohol, you will have to drink liquid charcoal!
Alcohol puts an uncountable amount of people in danger every day. People commit crimes, assault others, drink and drive, and perform many more unwise actions as a result of alcoholism. Alcoholism has turned lives upside-down. Put yours on the right track and avoid alcohol!