"Paws"itive Points

Issue 37- May 16, 2016

Love Each Other, Learn Together, Lead the Way

Tavia's Thoughts

My thoughts... It was a long, tiring week, but we MADE IT! We made it through together! I know that Rachel and I got a little stressed there as we started the week, but we just wanted to do things right and have testing go well for our students. With that being said.... I can't thank EVERYBODY enough for the team we were during testing. I really appreciate all the accommodators being on your "A" game and doing the best job you could do, the flexibility with the schedule changes, the teachers pumping up the students, the younger grades providing encouragment each day, the support of the colors days, and EVERYTHING else that EVERYONE did to make sure we had a successful, stress free testing environment. Thank you so very much. We still have one more day to go, so let's continue the support for our 5th grade team. Monday is Let's Get It Green Day. It's a Green Out. Let's help them finish strong. #Watchuswork #TeamPSE

As always....Let's continue to love each other, learn together, and lead the way.

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May 16

  • Let's Get It Green Day to support 5th Grade's last day of testing
  • Dr, Neihof Visit- All Day. Please come to the conference room at the start of your planning.
  • Meet w/ Mrs. Vermillion @ 2:45 in the library for a quick update on field day.

May 17

  • No School~ Primary Elections

May 18

  • Leader in Me Musical 8 AM, 9AM, & 6 PM

  • Baky Akin Shower @ 3 PM

May 19

  • PTO Mega Party (8-1)

  • D 4 $ Baskin Robbins 4-10 ( We need dippers:-)

  • Data Teams

May 20

  • Spring MAP Closes

  • Field Day

  • PTO Elections & Transition Mt. @ 6

May 24

  • Pawfessional Learning- Val-Ed Survey
  • Kindergarten Play and Awards Program

May 26

  • I Teams
  • 1-2 Awards @ 8:00
  • 3-4 Awards @ 9:00

May 27

  • 5th Grade Promotion @ 8

May 30

  • No School ~ Memorial Day

May 31

  • Closing Day

Extra Duties

Front Hallway- Mrs. Hymer

Bus (AM & PM)-Mrs. Campanell & Mr. Anderson

Breakfast- Ms. Spry, Ms. Tipton, Ms. Burroughs

Gym- Ms. Bland, Mrs. Vermillion

Car Rider (AM)- Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Tinsley, Mrs. Duvall, Mrs. Hodges & 3-4 from Mrs. Hampe's Room.

Car Rider (PM)

Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Henson, Mrs. Seely, Mrs. Smith


At Team PSE...we are Pursuing Standards of Excellence. At Team PSE we collaboratively teach students to love, learn, and lead....TEAM PSE.

Hymer's Hype

GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Last week was amazing! We have one more day of KPREP testing this week and a few make-ups! Make sure to wish 5th graders luck with their on-demand and don't forget to wear green in Monday!

Thank you for everything!!!

Maggie's Moment

Maggie’s Moment

Personalized Learning Conference at the Collins High School on July 27-29 and August 1

a. Differentiated Instruction

b.Assessment and Instructional Strategies

c.Educational Technology

d.Literacy Strand

e.Math Strand

These are the five strands of personalized learning that will be offered at the Personalized Learning Conference at the Collins High School on July 27-29 and August 1. There are currently over 70 different sessions which are available for you to choose from in order to further your Professional Learning. Some of our own teachers (Heather and Rosalie, Lindsey and Kelly) will be presenting….we are proud of your willingness to step forward and LEAD and LEARN. We will send the link out to you as soon as we are given the “Go for Launch”. It is important that you register ASAP because sessions might be cancelled if there is not enough interest to warrant our presenters using their time to prepare.

#TeamPSE is Preparing for our future……

Jackies' Friendly FRC Facts

I first want thank every teacher, administrator, staff person, student, parent and volunteer that showed us love and appreciation during this past week! I have been thoroughly blessed and overwhelmed with all of the expressions of gratitude. It’s amazing to come to a place like PSE each and every day! I certainly don’t take this environment and culture for granted! PSE is a special place!

We are closing in on the final days of school, which means many of our parents and students will be looking for ways to fill-up their summer calendars! I have great news, PSE will be providing some fun activities on-site this year! I am excited to say that we plan to offer multiple fun-filled and educational activities for our students to get involved in. I will be sending home the summer program schedule within the week. Please notify me if you have parents with specific requests, need assistance, or just have questions. I also look forward to having the Shelby County Public Library coming this week to provide information about the Summer Reading Program. We certainly want our kiddos to stay sharp during the break!

Finally, the Summer Feeding Program schedule has also been confirmed. I will be sending home the details about the breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that are provided to kids up to 18 years old. Painted Stone is not an open feeding site, however, the other various locations include places that our families should be able to access.

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May Birthdays

Tina Fowler - 1

Kim Smith -3

Donna Weaver-5

Lisa Locklear-12

Heather Fallen -26