Relationships and Identity

Catholic Churches teachings on Sexual Intamicy

Catholic church teachings on sexual intimacy
The Catholic church teaches that sexuality is a great gift that should be shared between a woman and a male to conceive a child. They believe that sexual intimacy should find its fullness in the commitment of a married relationship. Sexual intimacy isn’t just about the physical part its also about the emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of each individual.
Catholics believe that sexual intimacy is something to be done to create new life, this is why the catholic church doesn't believe in homosexuality, as two individuals of the same sex cannot produce new life of a baby.
They teach that sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person involved. They teach this as all people are created with dignity and worth that gives us rights, responsibilities and uniqueness.

What is a healthy realationship and what makes a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is where two or more people are connected in a positive way.
Trust and honesty are highly important in a healthy relationship, without trust and honesty people become suspicious and that can potentially cause failure of relationships. Respect is also another important factor contributing to a healthy relationship. Everyone has different views, beliefs, personalities, likes, dislikes and dreams. It is very hard to have a sturdy relationship with a person who does not respect these things. Acceptance adds on to respect, you have to accept that the other person or people in the relationship are different to yourself in ways. Friendliness and kindness are two obvious important factor of a healthy relationship along with compassion.Being positive towards one another helps each other with their self esteem, which makes them a happier person. One more major thing that helps a good healthy relationship is having things in common with the person or people you are in the relationship with.

The Catholic Churches Teachings on Contraceptives.

The Catholic Church believe that sexual intimacy is something that is to procreate. Most contraceptives are not acceptable in the eyes of the Catholic Church, as it stops life being created. There are only two contraceptives that are accepted by the catholic church, being abstinence and Fertility awareness (or ovulation prediction.)
These contraceptives are accepted as they do not interfere with the creation of life.

Informed Conscience

An informed conscience is a well informed conscience. A lot of people think conscience means they can do whatever they feel like even if it contradicts the Catholic Church since they feel like doing it, they're conscience must be telling them its ok. A well informed conscience should never contradict the Catholic Church.