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December 2018-West Wilkes High School

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Did You Know?

In a survey of first‐year college students, 47% struggled with effective time management.

Source: HERI UCLA, 2016

4 Tips to Help You Get Organized

Time management, organization and the ability to sit down and concentrate will help you s in high school, college and beyond. Here are a few tips:

1. Embrace to‐do lists: Create a to‐do list each day and tackle the hardest or least enjoyable activity first. Consider giving yourself a small reward or incentive if you complete everything on the list.

2. Use calendars: Create a calendar system that works for you – it may be a digital option or a paper version. Use it to track assignments and activities.

3. Establish a homework routine: Where and when do you work best? It may be at school, the library or at home; it may be in the morning or at night. Create a quiet, well‐lit area in your house for studying and homework.

4. Manage files: Create a file for important documents including awards and honors. This will be helpful when applying to colleges and scholarships.

College Myths and Realities

MYTH: Students are completely on their own once they are in college.

REALITY: Students will need to be responsible for their own time, including attending class, doing homework and getting enough sleep. However, there are many people and offices on campus dedicated to helping students succeed including advisors, counseling centers, tutors and more. Many colleges offer classes to help students learn better study and organization skills as they transition to a college environment.

Interested in Knowing More about College?

Interested in knowing more about college life? Talk to college students home on vacation. This is a great way to get a first‐hand look at what to expect in the first‐year of college. You can also ask questions of their parents.

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