Tash's Healthy Body BAR Bash!

Partying One LAST Time in My Cushing's Body

Surgery is Coming Soon!!!

On June 11th Tash will have surgery to repair the damage Cushing's Disease has done to her body.

With your help I hope to raise the funds needed to perform the surgery.

Tash's Healthy Body BAR Bash at Brooklynn Barr

Thursday, June 4th, 7pm

1186 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

A Good Time Fundraiser

Get your drink on...your food on...your dance on

  • Mystery Box, 50/50 draw, Raffle, Momentos
  • Chill & unwind with the band at 8pm
  • Boogie into the night with DJ at 10pm
  • Treats...did I mention Cupcakes?!? :)

Who's the Band?

Who's the DJ?

What's The Story...

Tash was happy and healthy, then a Brain Tumor caused Cushing's Disease and her life was very difficult for a few years. She's since had that pesky tumor removed and is in remission for 1 year :) She now has damage to her body that OHIP does not cover. So we're fundraising to help get her healthy self back!
Brain Tumor!?! What's Cushing's Disease???

Tash had a 9 mm Pituitary Tumor that caused her to have Cushing's Disease. It was removed in March 2014. This will tell you all about this very RARE Disease.

Why Reconstructive Surgery?

Tash gained 120 lbs in her mid section in less than 2 years. It has done some serious damage. Reconstructive surgery is the only way for her to move on.

Donate In Other Ways:

Go Fund Me

Check out Natasha's Story and/or Donate at Go Fund Me

Fresh Off the Boat - Seafood Sale

Tash's "Newfie" folks are gonna bring the goods in June. Straight from the east coast shores, delivered to your door. Better quality and prices than you'll get on the mainland. Order Now!