Adolf Hitler

Izabelle Bradley Academic 4

When you think about dictators, Adolf Hitler usually comes to mind. Even though Hitler was a soldier, and was taught to treat people with respect, after he lost a major war, he did some bad things. Hitler believed that it had been the Jews who caused him to lose the war, that is when he began disliking Jews. After he dropped out of the army, there was no government to help or control his country, because his country was broke. Later on in his life he became the dictator of Germany, and he began the Holocaust and killed over 6,000 Jews.

When Hitler was in the army, he lost a major war, and became upset about the loss. Hitler believed that it was the Jews fault that he lost the war. When he lost the war he began to HATE Jews because after that loss he had a horrible life. The loss of the war made him drop out of the army, and because of the loss there was no government to help control his country. For example, people were broke because there was no tariffs to pay for the work that they did, due to the lack of government. Those are some reasons that Hitler despised Jews.

Hitler did some bad things when in his life time. He started to hate Jews after he dropped out of the army because he believed that Jews were the reason that he lost a major war. When he became a dictator he started the Holocaust because he hated Jews. These are things Hitler did in his life time.

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