Jarratt's Journal

Keeping up with what's going down!

whew! Fall break and it's already FRIDAY!

Where we are at....

Ok, the second 6 weeks is in full swing! We are deep into our reading of THE GIVER and the kiddos love it! It's an incredibly well written story about a Utopian Society.... and the kids are into it. We see lots of similarities between this and Hunger Games and Divergent so they have a lot to relate it to! We have our first quiz over the novel tomorrow and the students will be able to use their device to take the quiz. Please send it to school with them. This will be an incredibly useful tool as we go through this novel.

IF YOUR STUDENT IS ABSENT DURING THE READING OF THE NOVEL: They will have to attend tutorials to catch up or read the novel at home. We do not have enough copies to send any home, and if they attempt to make it up in class they will only fall further behind.

There was NO article of the week this week due to the shortened week. I have a lot of grading to do today and get in the grade book, so be looking for progress reports very shortly.

Next week we WILL have an article of the week:

Article of the Week:


A MAJOR grade each 6 weeks is your student's Book Talk/Novel Survey Assignment, this time the students will have the entire 6 weeks to complete this assignment, due dates can be found on my website. I have updated the due dates and format on the website.


Also, please note you can always access the weekly newsletters here:


Please email me at ajarratt@ems-isd.net should you have any questions.

Libarary Update

We have several students with library fines that need to be cleared up. We have another novel survey do in November and they need to be able to check out a book to complete it.


Mrs. Jarratt's Schedule

Tutorials: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:45am-8:15am

1st period: 8:25-9:12am (Literature)

2nd period: 9:16-10:06am (Literature)

3rd period: 10:10-10:57am (Literature)

4th period: 11:01-11:48am (English Language Arts)

Lunch 11:51-12:21pm

5th period: 12:25-1:12pm (English Language Arts)

6th period: 1:16-1:48pm (Advisory)

7th period: 1:52-2.39pm (Conference)

8th period: 2:43-3:30pm (English Language Arts)



Students have 3 days past a due date to turn an assignment in. They will be deducted 10 points of each day the assignment is late. After 3 days, the assignment becomes a zero. This applies to all work, but the work most affected is homework. We had a major problem with this the first 6 weeks, I want to make sure every understands the policy as it was stated in the Parent Letter at the beginning of the year.

Do we have homework?

Students should be reading 20 minutes a night minimum, as well as other assignments

What is AOW?

Starting September 14th we will have the ARTICLE OF THE WEEK. This is an article and a series of events the student needs to complete during the week for homework. It will be handed out every Monday and is due back on Friday. If the student misplaces it, or you would like to see what they are, they are listed by date on my website.

What is a Book Talk?

Book Talk happens every time we go to the library. The students pick a book and as they read it (in class, at home, etc) they are to respond to a series of questions that aid in better understanding what they have read. These are MAJOR grades and are due once a 6 weeks.