Bake Sale on Monday

In honour of our very own Hunger Awareness Week!

Don't forget to do YOUR part

On Monday, the 24th of November. We will be hosting a bake sale at break for Hunger Awareness Week. All the money that you spend will be utilized on providing food for needy families.

What is Hunger Awareness Week?

From the 24th till the 28th of November, each day an event will take place such as a bake sale, seminar or social media campaign to encourage YOU guys to donate. All the money collected that week will be utilized in feeding some of the families living in slums within Lahore. We highly encourage everyone out there to donate as the minimum amount is Rs. 50 only. If we won't stand up and do something to help our fellow brethren in their time of need,then who will?

Hosting this week:

All other donations to be given in class 11-C