Macbeth Act 1 Scene 1

1971, Roman Polanski & 2006, Geoffry Wright

The version that had best accuracy compared to the book would be Roman Polanski’s 1971 version, because the characterizations were about half-way there and the setting was a good pick discrete area, but no storm so again half of it was there. In addition Mr. Polanski’s version was also the version that helped me understand the plot better because the lines were right on, and the characterization he chose gave me a better visual image of how the witches could’ve been portrayed. Mr. Wright’s version had a more interesting insight about the play and characters, because the witches were not old, ugly, manly or beaded, but this might’ve been because they are witches and could’ve casted a potion or spell on one another to become young. The interesting part about the play was his choice of setting; it was a cemetery and that made it seem as though that’s where the witches could’ve met to get all the ingredients off dead people to create the potion they were brewing.