Micheal Jackson Biography

The King of Pop Life Story

His Beginning

Micheal Jackson was born on August 29,1958 in Gary, Indiana. His career started with his four brothers in a group called the Jackson 5. They recorded their debut album in 1969. Michael became the dominant voice in the group, and easily everyone's favorite member.

Going Solo

A decade later Jackson was releasing solo albums like "Off the Wall" and "Thriller". With his new solo career Jackson was becoming one of the worlds biggest artist. Selling millions of albums especially "Thriller". "Thriller" went platinum in fifteen countries and gold in four. Selling over thirty-eight million copies "Thriller" earned it's spot in the Guinness World Records for the largest selling album in recording history.

The Rumors Come Rolling In

"Brilliant", a "rock phenomenon" Jackson was called by many critics. Many wanted interviews with Mr.Jackson, but he would refuse. Since he would never really give interviews tabloids would come up with rumors. Rumors like Jackson would use chemicals on his skin to whiten his skin, or he would take female hormones to maintain his voice. But Jackson revealed on an episode of Oprah Winfrey saying he had a skin disease that lightened it naturally. There were also rumors questioning Jackson's sexual orientation. He was also criticized for his "weirdness" by the press. Luckily, Jackson's friend Quincy Jones says, " he's one of the most normal people I've ever met."

Just Going Downhill

Jackson has had many rumors go by about him but this has to be the worst. Jackson was accused of molesting a thirteen-year-old boy. Jackson was in Asia at this time but when he returned , to maintain his innocence, Jackson paid a sum of over 10 million to settle the suit out of court. To shine some light on all this Jackson was getting married, but rumor has it, it won't last long.

Falling Apart

Jackson collapsed on stage because of severe flu-related dehydration. Jackson's wife wanted out of their marriage and they divorced in January of 1996. Jackson re-married but was then divorced a year later. He was later arrested for child molestation in 2003. Also in 2003, a British journalist would follow Jackson around for eight months gathering footage of him. It later became a two hour long t.v. special talking about how Jackson enjoyed sleeping in beds with young children. Jackson was accused again of child molestation, accused of giving the child alcohol, and planning to hold the child and the family captive.

The End

On June 25,2009 Jackson suffered from cardiac arrest. This was just weeks before he was to appear on stage again. The loss of The King of Pop had many critics wondering if there would be anyone who could change the world of music like he did in such a powerful way.